Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some things you didn’t know about me

Every blogger is a bit of an exhibitionist. Don't deny it.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of though. Show me an artist, writer or actor who isn't! It’s a part of the deal for people who have this unexplainable urge to share their thoughts, emotions and imagination with the world.

So it’s no wonder that I happily accpepted when Chris at Game by Night recently asked me for an interview for his series of portrays of the community. You can read the result here, and maybe you’ll learn a few things you didn’t know.

Chris asked me a bunch of tricky questions, ranging from how I integrate playing and blogging with everything else in my life to my predictions for how WoW will look in five years time. Be prepared for a rather long and chatty interview, more like a bunch of smaller blogposts than a normal discussion. I can’t judge if I’m saying anything even remotely interesting, but it was fun to participate, so thanks to Chris for this opportunity!

Ask Larísa anything
And as an extra bonus by the way: if you have any questions you would have liked to see in the interview, you have the chance to ask them yourself now.

As an experiment I’ve discretely added a feature to my blog, which you find to the right if you click on “Ask Larísa anything”. The link leads to a little service called “Formspring”, a tool for simple managing of Q&A.

Until now only three questions have been asked, of which one was a bit odd and makes me wonder if it really was intended for me. However I couldn’t resist answering.

I haven’t made up my mind about if I'll keep it or not. But for the time being - feel free to use it if you're curious about something.


Dwism said...

I know you will change dwarf once the opportunity arises, no matter what you say!

One thing I was wondering about those anon, ask anything sites: How many.. creepy, themed questions have you recieved?

Larísa said...

@Dwism: not a single one. These are all questions I've got. But then I haven't advertised about it at all. I just added it to the blog out of curiousity, to see how it worked. Probably only very few people have noticed it - and I think many also read the blog through a reader. Hehe... btw you could have asked this question through Formspring! It's a question, you know! :)

Chris (Game by Night) said...

Thanks for doing it with me! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better :-)

Tam said...

I was wondering whether to add one of those thingies, and in the end I just grumbled about kids and their new fangled social networking technology and didn't :)

I very much enjoyed your interview.

And am jealous to note your meteor chaser's robe looks so much better on you than on me :/

Logtar said...

I have always found the 100 things about me posts (or pages) from bloggers to be very intersting and informative. I will read an about me most of the time, but I can never resist the 100 thing for some reason. I might have to do one for my wow blog now. (there is one on my "real" blog.

Syrien said...

Going to read the interview in a moment, looking much forward to it!

It keeps puzzling me how reading someone's thoughts on a blog makes me feel I know them so well, while at the same time I know so little - while I know you don't know me at all, I sometimes find myself seeing something and thinking stuff like "heh, Larissa would so have loved that" and such. (Not only WoW-related, since you've said some things about what you do for a living, in my imagination you've got much sensible stuff to say about stuff related to that as well).

Heh. I sound like a person with imaginary friends. Larissa = Skybert. I think that sense of personal connection is what makes me curious though. So I'll go read to feed my illusion of knowing you :)

Scarybooster said...

I enjoyed the interview very much. A lot of great knowlege on you i like to hear about bloggers I read.

Larísa said...

@Chris: I did it with pleasure!

@Tam: I'm glad you liked it. Well about the question-thing I'm not sure yet what I think about it. So far so good I suppose. I haven't been spammed with questions and it's a very easy way to interact with me if you don't want to comment on a particular post. Oh well, you can always send me an email of course, but people these days like to run their conversations in public as it appears. And why not? A good thing is that it's moderated. So if I get stupid questions I don't want to answer, I just won't let them through.

@Logtar: well, this wasn't exactly 100 things but on the other hand I rambled on pretty long about every question.

@Syrien: well, I do write quite personal posts, at least I think so, and if you've read all the 500 + posts I figure you have a pretty good picture of me by now. In one way. In one way not, since I still keep some privacy around me. It's double-edged sort of. This get-to-know aspect is important to me, that's why I enjoy following some bloggers over a long time. It makes it so much more interesting. Gevlon and Gnomeaggedon for instance. They've been regular guests at the inn almost since the start and I've followed their blogs and read every single post they've written since the beginning.Something I really recommend. It takes time to fully get to know and appreciate a bloggers voice.

: I'm glad you liked it!

Syrien said...

@Larísa That's true, following how a blogger evolves over time is very interesting. And blogger to blogger relationships, you and Gevlon make a fascinating example. I find him much more likeable (something I suspect he wouldn't care much about) because of the added knowledge of his interaction with you.

Azryu said...

In response to you asking for ideas of where the inn might be, I think Shattrath would be the perfect place.

The city is full of refugees, people from places where I can no longer go back to. The city is rich in history, and is overseen by A'dal, couldn't have a fairer ruler.

I think there the inn would attract the worn bodies and tired souls that inhabit the refugee city, to which nothing would sound fairer than a warm fire and tall glass. The inn, being in Sharrath, would be sanctuary to not only Alliance but the horde, and your customers wiser by their years and no longer carrying their old hatreds.

Now, if Gelvon were to open a bar, I think he'd have one right in Dalaran, right next to the War Room portals. He'd serve both Alliance and Horde of course, for bigger profits, but he'd have a mess of fights to handle every day. The young blood of the warriors that frequent dalaran still have the fight and fire in their eyes, and I don't think they'd take too well to sitting at neighboring barstools.

That's why I think Shattrath would be perfect. The young and restless are still in Dalaran fighting the good fight while the battle worn seek refuge in the inn ;)

Azryu said...

**The city is full of refugees, people from places where they can no longer go back to.

I'm sorry, I promise Ill proofread my comments better in the future.

Larísa said...

@Syrien: I'm glad if you love for Gevlon somehow has an influence on the community. Not that he cares that much for community love. But it warms my heart anyway. Silly old sentimental gnome as I am.

@Azryu: You're referring to questions you've put in the "Ask me anything" department. If anyone reading the comments is wondering what you're talking about...

Hm... Shatt you say... I'm not a lore type of player, but isn't that situated like on another planet/dimension or something. I may be conservative, but I really think a vanilla zone is a more natural location for the inn. I want a feeling of "homecoming". And now with everyone returning back to the old zones in Cataclysm, there should be plenty of thirsty customers to serve!

Anonymous said...

Great interview. Besides the great atmosphere you've developed here at the Inn, I think I'm most impressed with your sense of humanity (kindness and respect, most notably) towards others. Not only that, I am most impressed with the fact that you are self-reliant; for example, the way you've taught yourself another language so well that I constantly forget you are on the other side of the world is admirable. These are a couple of the reasons (and the fact that you tolerate my general grumpyness) why you will always be my neighborhood inn and pub, regardless of whether or not it continues for five years or five minutes. Cheers and have good weekend, pink pingtailed one.


Azryu said...

When I recommended Shat I was mainly thinking of the tired souls of that city. If you walk around there sometimes you might notice a LOT of them are refugees. People who have no place to go back to and might have some good stories for the fireside ;)