Friday, April 30, 2010

Guides on What to do if you’re Raised as a Ghoul

The other day I made a confession about how clueless I am when I’m raised as a ghoul. I also made a not-so-subtle request for someone to make a how-to-ghoul 101-guide, since I couldn’t find one as I looked for it.

I admit I was a little bit lazy as I posted this – why didn’t I do some research, making the post by myself? But just it seemed more efficient to try to let the people who actually knew something about this share their knowledge instead of me starting from scratch.

The response was fantastic, beyond anything I would have expected. Within just a couple of days three different bloggers have put together brilliant, easy-to-follow guides on how-to-ghoul. And from now I don’t have any excuse whatsoever to just stand there as a clueless ghoul. And you don’t have that either. It’s all very clear in those guides, so go and have a look at them.

I’ve put together this little post to give those bloggers some link love and to hopefully bump them a bit so people will find them in a Google search.

So I present to you three good guides on How-to-play-a-ghoul 101:

Dwism: How to play if you have been Raised as an ally by your friendly neighbourhood Death knight

Digital Incorrectness: Your request is my Post if it’s interesting enough

Death & Decay: Ghoul School
This post also includes some advice to the deathknights who are using this spell, including a suggestion for a macro:ed whisper to send to the selected target.

Well… that’s all I suppose. The ghoul request was an inspiring experience. Next time I’m wondering about something and won’t find the answer easily in a web search, I’ll just put my question to you who are hanging around by the barside. You're an amazing bunch of people, sitting on a wealth of knowledge!


Carina said...

Ooooh, those are great! :D

See? I always did it wrong, too. XD

Spinks said...

Very useful info there, thanks to everyone who wrote those posts and to Larisa for sparking it off.

I actually love being raised as a ghoul and just press buttons randomly. But sadly, since I'm usually tanking, I normally get a battle res instead.