Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At least he got a card

I don't think Ensidia got what they had hoped for from this expansion. First there was the mishap with the first kill of LK that Blizzard judged was an exploit and rendered them a ban. Then they had constant server issues, partly due to griefing, and they lost the race for the spot as the #1 guild of the world. And lately they seem to have had a huge exodus from the guild, veterans quitting the game.

Maybe it's a bit of a comfort to one of their leaders, Kungen, to hear that he now has entered the hall of fame of WoW players

Kungen the Thunderer
Kungen is the third player ever to get a game card in the WoW TCG designed after him. "Kungen the Thunderer" is the name of the new card, picturing a tauren warrior. And what could be more appropriate for a deck of cards? After all "Kungen" means "The King" in Swedish.

Who were the first two to get the honor to be immortalized as a game figure? Well, not surprisingly enough, the first one was the video celebrity Leeroy Jenkins, who appears as a card in a set called Heroes of Azeroth from 2006. As if that wasn't enough he has also got his own in-game achievement.

The second player to get a card of his own was a druid called Alamo. To be totally honest I had never heard of him before now. But apparently he ran a legendary forum thread, Alamo teeches U 2 play DURID! which seems to have been highly appreciated back in time, according to WoWwiki.

So Kungen will be the third player, as far as I know of, to appear as a trading card. In a comment at Ensidia's site, he says that he thinks it's cool and an honor and asks how many packs he'll have to buy to get himself. (A hint to Cryptozoic, the company that currently produces those cards: I really think you should send one to him. For free. Don't you think you owe it to him?)

Gutrot the naked
I recently noticed that there really aren't many players that are recognized by name. But let's try to stretch our memories a little bit anyway and give it a try to recall some of our heroes.

If I would make a trading card modeled after a certain WoW player, I think I would pick the legendary Gutrot, the troll who leveled all the way to 80 naked and unarmed while creating a nudist community around him. I loved the picture from their 80 ding celebration party! I think he deserves to be remembered - as a card or why not as an in-game achievement?

Have you got any further suggestions for players who should be recognized in this manner?


Klepsacovic said...

I'd add a green-haired gnome who has a gigantic aggro range. And very little health. He'd have a sister with pink pigtails who screams anytime he runs off.

Rhii said...

I love Alamo's druid instructions...

My bank alt guild is actually named after it (as my bank alt is a druid):

"drink a pot noob!"

Alamo says: cat durid has no ninervate, drink a pot noob lol!

Anonymous said...

me of course.... :)

Cacknoob (The Joker of the pack)

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I think there was another player Elendril a hunter on my very first server Ner'zhul.

I want to say he was a competitive TGC player or something as I recall.

Regarding Kungen/Ensidia. Just like entertainment/sports celebrities we seem to want to put some up on a pedestals only to tear them down.

I say grats to him.

Tarnop said...

"Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I think there was another player Elendril a hunter on my very first server Ner'zhul.

I want to say he was a competitive TGC player or something as I recall."

Larísa said...

: Hehe. Sounds like pretty useless cards tbh. But I suppose you need a few fillers in your deck as well.

@Rhii: I had never heard of him before I read this! Does this make me a complete noob?

: Of course! I should have thought about that.

@Yane: Oh yeah, I think it's well deserved too, although I suspect that he would have traded that card for a world first kill of hc LK. I really don't like the tendency in the community to rip those who try to achive something into pieces in the notion that no one should be allowed to stick out. It's very destructive.

@Tarnop: My knowledge about that card game is about zero to be honest. But yeah, why not make a card out of the best player of all? It makes sense.

Trollii said...

Well, there is a hunter, BigRedKitty(dot net), but he got a gun after him BRK-1000 ( ) just after he quit playing WoW.

Dalaran Stroll said...

Legendary paladin Zalgradis (Al'Akir), man who changed view on paladin pvp gameplay in vanilla (for those uninfromed most of the time paladins were full time buff thingies).

Steve said...

Ensidia transferred to Paragon's server, so the competition was equal when it came to LK25HM. As far as normal mode goes, normal modes don't really matter at their level of play. So whether or not they were temporarily banned wasn't of much issue, particularly because the ban did not shut them out of competition on the most important hard modes.

And, yes, Alamo is a legend to any druid who played during vanilla or early TBC.

"Famous" WoW players really depend on what areas of the game you follow and what communities you're a part of. And there's a LOT of communities. Arena, raiding, machinima, humorous videos (that aren't really machinima), tanks, specific classes (and specs of classes), etc. And then you have to COMBINE some of these categories for even more niched communities.

In the end, rarely anyone is actually famous. The only people TONS of people really know are Leeroy and Dives (50 DKP Minus). I guess Boubouille. And *maybe* Sebudai, but his motivational speaker poster hasn't endured as well as either Leeroy or Dives.

Everyone else is confined to their specific communities: Kungen, Ming, Gurgthock, Neilyo, Oxhorn, Alamo, etc. And I'm not even naming all of the people I consider "famous" because I know people are just going to ask "who?" because they aren't familiar with those communities.

Lume said...

Whoops, "Steve" (above) is me.

TechDeft said...

Back in his time? I still link/quote Alamo allll the time(I'ma druid). Anytime folks ask me for druid advice, that is one of the sites I consider 'required reading.' It is so much a part of the druid culture, I imagine if you ask most druids who Alamo is, they will respond cat durid iz 4 fite.

jeffo said...

Tankserious, Legend of Whisperwind.

Our realm forums are far less interesting now that he's gone.

Anonymous said...

I know a certain king-slaying pink pigtailed innkeeper who is getting awful famous in her own right.

By the way, thanks for the Alamo and Leroy Jenkins links - watching the Jenkins video may have finally caused me to get the internet banned at work as a result of my laughing so damn hard everyone around me thought I had completely left reality. :p


Anonymous said...

Actually there are more players commemorated via in game characters or cards then you would think.

One of my guild mates worked on the original version of WOW and snuck in NPCs named after people in my guild and things they were famous for. One such character lives in Ironforge named after my guildmaster because he used to leave trails of corpses all over Everquest prior to us moving to WOW. You would know him as Jubahl the Corpseseeker. Another such famous person in my guild was a gentlemant in EQ that was obsessed with pie. He became Sraaz the pie vendor in Ironforge. Raene is named after another member of my guild. Her quest is even a card in the WOW TCG.

I am sure other members of the WOW team over the years have snuck members of their guilds into the game, which have ended up as cards as well. Its a great way to remember all the crazy things they have done.

River said...

Rivzon the the next player card, look for it in Fall 2012. LOL!

Manny said...

I think a millionaire orc named Markco (obviously the legendary guy who writes for JMTC) would be a perfect candidate for this.

Manny said...

Who can forget his 21k shield slam video after all lol?

Larísa said...

@Trollii: Ofc I know BRK - you'll find him to the right here in my blogroll. As you said he's already got a gun, but I surely wouldn't mind yet another celebration to him.

@Dalaran Stroll: never heard of him, but maybe I should? Time to educate myself about the community.

@Lume: of your short list I've no idea about who Sebudai is, which once again proves your point that the fame is sort of limited to just a part of the community. I'd love to see some sort of list though. I looked for something along those lines "famous WoW players" in Wowwiki, but failed to find a list like that. Would be entertaining enough for me at least to take part of.

: I really have to check up properly on that druid. After all I currently have two - one tank and one healer!

@Jeffo: A local hero I presume?

. oh, so you got around to see it, nice!
But I wouldn't think that the name of that gnome is spread in any wider circles. 1.6 k subscribers is nice to have, but it doesn't equal to being a celebrity.

But thank you for the thought!

: Wow, we have an inside leak! That was some real information you shared there. Thanks! A little bit strange though that they don't inform about their history. The claim that this was the third player to get a card comes from the card company itself.

@River: OK, will do!

@Manny: well him or maybe a certain goblin?

Ixobelle said...


jeffo said...

Tankserious was a local celebrity on Whisperwind who achieved larger WoW fame by being referenced by's Guildwatch, and then being the subject of a WoW parody movie (Leave Tankserious Alone). I never ran with him but I understand that he was a bad player and raid leader. He was a frequent contributor to the WW forums and drew a lot of fire. This post is pretty typical of his style:
He apparently transferred back in February 09 to Nordrassil, but seems to be gone now.

Frug said...

Don't forget mighty Kralnor :)

Kralnor says "I dont like to stress the fact that the warlock rocks, but he jus does. So, for all you staff users out there, feel free to come in and post, my staff is a good one, but here is how it goes (...)