Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Return of an Innkeeper

Knock, knock, knock.

Is there still someone hanging around here?

I left quite suddenly a week ago, without giving the readers any previous notice. There were no prewritten posts for you to chew on, although I had hired a stand-in to keep an eye and chase away any trolls. The mountains were calling me, that's all I can say.

I came home with a cold that makes me resemble to one of those about-to-explode slimes at Rotface. So honestly I'm not quite as re-energized as I had hoped for. But I guess it made me good to replace the view of the raid instances with some breathtaking real life sceneries, drinking sunlight rather than coffee for a few days.

The Game
I'm trying to pick up what has been going on in Azeroth during my absence. To be honest I hadn't expected too much to happen. The previous week, the one before Easter, had been incredibly quite - so quiet that Totalbiscuit had to shorten his Blue Plz! show since there so few things to comment on.

This week seems to have been a bit more busy, especially with all the Cataclysm Class Changes being presented. For the more information-theorycrafting heavy blogs out there, this gives a ton of stuff to talk about. For the PPI it doesn't mean that much. I don't play any hunter and I couldn't care less if they have ammo or not. I have no idea about if our DK:s play in frost or blood or whatever - as long as they keep the mobs away from me when they're tanking, I'm all fine whatever way. Sue me.

Of course I DO care about the classes I play though, and most of all I care about mages, since that's what I am and will remain until I put down this game for good. I'm way too lazy and slow to learn new things to change classes between expansions. A couple of hours ago they released the mage information, which made me both smile and frown at the first glance. I'll probably make a separate post about it. It doesn't happen often, but once in a while it happens that PPI reveals its true nature as a mage blog.

The guild
What else have I missed? Well, two first kills in my guild: Lich King in 10-man and Sindragosa 25 man. It would have been nice to be there, since I've worked so hard and wiped so much on both encounters, but those things happen. It's a part of raiding and you have to learn to live with it. You can't always be there. Actually I'm most of all excited about it; I can look forward to face LK 25 man in the next raid, and the heroic modes are finally open for us in 10 mans. That's awesome.

The Blogosphere
And then there's the Blogosphere to catch up on, and there's especially one blogger that currently has my attention. Ixobelle. My hero. He hasn't just kept an eye at the inn during my vacation (thank you once again!), he has also been busy on adventures of his own, making it all the way to an interview for a dream job at a gaming company. Yes, his brave attack at the Blizzard HQs paid off. It's a fantastic story and I hope it has a happy end. Or I'd rather put it this way: I know for certain it will have an happy end; I just don't know if we're about to see the end right now or if we'll have to wait a bit longer for it.

Upcoming posts
And now I'll just rest a little while here in front of the fire, letting out some more slime out of my head before it explodes. But I'll be back in the bar again soon, serving you some thoughts about the mage changes and about some new perspectives on the game that the skiing gave me.

I had planned to make some sort of Tobold's Open Sunday thread while I was on vacation, where you could put some orders for things you'd like to see discussed here, but never got around to do it. It isn't too late though. Just write in a comment if there's something special you'd like to read in the next few weeks, and I'll see what I can do about it.



Anonymous said...

Get well soon my little hill-walking garden ornament!!!

Cacknoob (the person whos not even been posted in the Stormrages hall of fame !!!)

nowiamtree said...

Welcome back and get well soon. *offers a hot honey and lemon soothing drink with a dash of your choice of alcohol*

Andy said...

Ahh I did wonder why PPI had gone so quiet! Hope you feel better soon :)

I would be interested in seeing some more mage-related posts as, while I don't play one, it's on my To Do list (along with druid, warlock, rogue, warrior and enhancement shaman, but still). I do still enjoy reading about classes I don't play.

Shintar said...

Welcome back, I actually missed your updates - you just have such a unique voice, the PPI being quiet was noticeable! :)

Stabs said...

Welcome home!

Rem said...

Welcome back Larisa, and get well soon! :)

Joar said...

Welcome back! I'm jealous about the skiing! Hope you feel better soon!

Klepsacovic said...

Silence of the Gnomes is a frightening time.

Ixobelle said...

welcome back :)

Rachkalos said...

Good to have you back, it's going to be great reading about your take on some of the mage changes; as an avid plate wearer, I'm always keen to hear what's going on with you guys in the back row, even if I'll never get to be one of you!

Larísa said...

@Cack: that's because noone believes you're gone for real. Your spirit is still hanging over the bridge and we're just waiting for your body to appear.

: thank you... cough, cough

@Andy & Rachkalos: well... I'm not a theorycrafter. but something slightly mage looking might come.

@Shintar, Stabs, Rem, Joar, Ixo: thanks!

@Klep: I didn't scare you, did I?

Markus said...

Welcome back Larisa! I can FedEx some chicken soup if you like! :)

Ahhh...a Mage "Swoosh!" I may have to stick around for Cataclysm after all. :) My now guildless mage has not seen the end of Ulduar or any of ICC, so Cataclysm may bring him out. My BE Mage just hit 70 and I have to say, the design of Warsong Hold just sucks! lol

Glad to have you back...

Anonymous said...

Conjure up some strudel, sit by the fire and get well.

Just as an aside, last week I was able to get more work done than I have been able to in a long while...lmao

Ok, the niceties are over, back to work - Ima thirsty, darn it!

Seriously, welcome back and get well soon.


Larísa said...

@Markus: thank you! I'm already getting better. And I think mages will be fun to play in Cataclysm - in spite of some worrying stuff going on that I'll write about in the post of tomorrow. Hopefully this stupid idea will be trashed before launch.

: thank you! And I'm back cooking blog posts, I promise. Already got a couple in pipeline. Hope they will taste nice.

Fitz said...

Welcome back Larisa, we missed you even though it was a short respite!

Daergel said...

I wondered what had happened to you - glad to see you back.

I am still leveling Tahliana (my SAN mage (obviously!)) but it is good to see your point of view from the end-game standpoint, even if it is Alliance :)

Am I doomed to be always looking to be 10 levels higher to get the next shiny teleport spell??!!