Friday, April 30, 2010

Looking For More Once Again

The biggest challenge in the game right now isn’t Lich King, if anyone thought so. It’s the R&B boss, read as Real life interference and Boredom with the game

This lethal boss has lately been snatching a lot of players from the game and our guild has also been affected. He’s a mean bastard and the only thing you can do about it is to keep your spirits high, move on and recruit to fill the gaps.

I don’t accept ads at The PPI and I'm normally reluctant to spam the blog with recruitment announcements. But this is one of those times when I’m making an exception.

So here we go:

  • Are you curious about how hard the hardmodes in ICC 25 really are?
  • Would you like to enter Ruby Sanctum in a dedicated, solid and focused raid team rather than messing around in Dalaran looking for a PUG?
  • Are you playing on an EU-account?

Then you might want to consider applying to Adrenaline of Stormrage, which is my steady home in WoW since almost two years.

We currently need a bunch of dps – melee and ranged without any specific class or spec breakdown. We’re also looking for a healer.

Recruitment ad is up here.

Basically I think long-time readers have a fair picture of Adrenaline from my postings over the years. But if you’re wondering what the guild is like and want some references, you’re of course welcome to ask me.

Sorry for the interruption of the conversation. But there are moments when you need to give a hand to your guild and try to help out in whatever way you possibly can. And this is one of those occasions.

Edit: As added by our GM in a comment, we're also open to the possibility of absorbing the right 10-man guild who have 25-man ambitions but who are struggling.


Okrane S. said...

how is the pvp on the realm? Is it in which battlegroup?

Larísa said...

It is a PvE realm and since I'm not that much into PvP:ing myself I really can't tell.

My impression is that the ownership of Wintergrasp is pretty even, while you're quite likely to lose EoS. But I'm really not in the position to make a good judgement on that. Maybe someone else can help out. The Battlegroup is Cyclone.

Saga said...

I´m sorry to hear you´re having attendance problems. We´ve been having the same problems for quite some time now and finding new recruits isn´t always easy - especially towards the end of an expansion.

I hope you can get it solved and get some new blood!

Markus said...

Ranged DPS: Check
ICC experience: None
Hardmode experience: Hardmode?
EU-server: Nein, nyet, bloody no

Ahh well, it's the thought that counts. I am sure your guild could always use another gnome running around. Good luck on your recruiting!

Gevlon said...

If you want to know which battlegroup it is, you just have to armory Larísa. It gives out all the Larísas, the first line is:

Larísa 80 Gnome Mage Adrenaline Stormrage Cyclone / Wirbelsturm

The last is the battlegroup

Aosoth said...

Thanks for posting this Larisa, a diamond as usual =) every bit helps and all that.

In addition to what Larisa posted, we're open to the possibility of absorbing the right 10-man guild who have 25-man ambitions but who are struggling. If this sounds interesting to you, you can either contact me in game (Aosoth) or you can drop an email to me at the recruitment email address in the recruitment advert.

Anonymous said...

Whooossh !!!

you recruiting dorfs?

how about one in a tuxedo and rocket helm?

I has cool jokes, make ppl laugh long time....5 dorra !!!

Cacknoob (the absent)

Hugmenot said...

Good luck!

A suggestion I made in the offical forums 2 years ago was to increase the iLevel of the raid drops which are no longer current (eg Naxx, Ulduar) for players to geat up in raids instead of through heroics.

My opinion is the repetitive boredom of zerging heroics contribute significantly to the boredom.

I believe if the ilevel of the gear obtained in previous raids was raised sufficiently (a vague term I admit) players would raid rather than run heroics.

Maybe those extra bosses should drop extra loot if the Blizzard's goal is to ensure latecomers can reach current content in a very short time.

Larísa said...

@Saga: well... I think we're in the phase where your best chance to get new people is when other guilds give up and quit raiding or disband. I don't see that happen to us though. I belive we're one of the few chosen survivors.

@Markus: thanks for the thought!

@Aosoth: Np! We've gotten a couple of great players through PPI and who knows, maybe we could get some more. I've uptated the post to include the idea of absorbing a guild.

@Cack: you think we need another guild clown? But what about your duty on the bridge then? You deserter! Hope you're enjoying RL.

: well... I don't think the gear gap is the only issue when trying to recruit late in an expansion. The thing is that raiding isn't for everyone. Setting aside 3.5 hours of uninterrupted game time at 2-3 nights a week... It's quite a big deal to many. Running heroics just will take you 20 min, and then you can decide for yourself if you want to run another one...

I think it's kind of inevitable that when you'r recruiting now, you're competing for a shrinking bunch of raiders, rather than looking for complete newcomers.

Hatch said...

Would totally app if I was on an EU account.