Monday, July 26, 2010

An announcement

Dear guests!

I have an announcement to make. I will leave you.

No, no, no, not permanently. Not as far as I know of at least. There’s no guarantee about anything in this world and who knows what dangers I’ll face once I leave my little protected corner? But for the time being my plan is to keep blogging. In the way I've always done - one day at a time. Nothing has changed on that. Yet.

However I AM planning to leave you for a few weeks of vacation, meaning that you'll have a break from my funny little gnome voice.

If you feel a bit starved after a while, I'm afraid I can't help you. There aren't any pre-written posts in pipeline. But you can always help yourself. For instance you can explore the vaults of PPI. There are more than 500 blog posts in the archive. How many of those have you read? Or if you miss the discussion - keep up the banter in the comment section.

My absence will approximately last for three weeks. I might be back for a day or so between my journeys, but don’t count on it.

The inn won’t be completely deserted though. Two gentlemen have agreed on helping out to keep an eye on it, chasing away any spammer or troll that may appear: Ixobelle and Tamarind. Treat them well!

If you spot something that looks suspicious you can send an email to either of them and they’ll deal with it. The address to Tam is: Morewitthanhonesty at gmail dot com, and you can reach Ixo at ixobelle at gmail dot com.

Both of my helpers have been granted full bartender privileges. This means that if you think that the inn is just too quiet, and you’d like to contribute with a guest post, you can send it to them. If they find the post good enough, they’re free to publish it. They’re both excellent writers and I trust on their judgement. And you never know, they might surprise you with a little treat. It's not a promise. But a possibility.

I heard someone asking a question. Speak up! Oh, what I’m up to? Well, as I’ve mentioned previously, the Medieval week on Gotland is one of my destinations (oh, you should have seen the medieval dress I just bought for the occasion. It's gorgeous! I never knew there was a little princess hidden inside me who longed to get out). I’ll also spend a few days trekking in Yorkshire, checking out if the inns over there are as good as my own.

So… It's time, I believe.

Hey, Tam and Ixo! Here are the keys! Catch!

I’m putting on the backpack, wrapping my cloak around me, taking up a little song, ready to embrace whatever comes in my way.

Take care all of you! Take care of each other and of yourselves. Because it matters.




Flawlless - Kul Tiras EU said...

Ha en skön semester!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Magma said...

Don't forget to publish a picture of you in the cloak =p said...

We report suspicious activity to Tam and Ixo?

Who do report THEIR suspicious activity to?

Have a great time.. think I might have a holiday as well.. I hear Queensland is good this time of year.

Ixobelle said...

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Please make yourselves comfortable. We have a great show lined up for you tonight. Guests include Kanye West and Taylor Swif--

**a rogue appears, and kicks ixo in mid monologue**

Yo Yo Ixo, I'ma let you finnish...

(Hmmm, this may be an interesting couple of weeks)

Klepsacovic said...

Dark times and doom! I go to India and this is what transpires in my absence! No, it cannot be. My gnome blog reading is cut by half! Granted being gnomes that makes it already quite short, but I'm sure you can see the terrible crisis. I blame tam.

Utakata said...

From one pink pig-tail'd Gnome Mage to'll be missed. :(

Talarian said...

Oh, I'll miss reading your blog posts! But do enjoy yourself!

Gevlon said...

Have a good vacation!

Redbeard said...

Tam's got control of the place?

I hope you hid the keys to the liquor cabinet!

Anyway, have a good vacation!

We Fly Spitfires said...

Aww, you will be missed! But have a good holiday!!

Dwism said...

Why is the door locked?
Just because I called Tam a traitor for leaving his Dorf? This will not stand!!

Have a great vacation, and like Ixo said: This is bound to be a couple of interesting weeks.

Ysharros said...

Enjoy your holiday! And if the internet blows up, it was all! your! fault! :D

Actually, it'd probably be Ixo and Tam's fault. I think that's a fairly safe bet. ;)

Shintar said...

Enjoy your holiday, Mrs Innkeeper. I'm sure people will behave in your absence. Hopefully. Maybe...

arewenewatthis said...

Have a good vacation Larisa! You deserve it! :D

SpiritusRex said...

Later, kiddo! Enjoy the break. Guess this means I've now got 3 weeks to actually do some work.

Rebecca said...

Have a great time! The medival dress sounds curiously intriguing (from one hidden princess to another, don't tell anyone I said that!)

Tam said...

*tries to remember how to pull a pint*

Twan said...

Where ya headed?

TechDeft said...

Be safe. :)