Monday, December 20, 2010

Call for nominations for The Pink Pigtail Inn list of 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, may I call for your attention?

I know your minds are currently blown away by the Cataclysm, but nevertheless I have a small request for a little bit of assistance. You can look at it as a piece of entertainment, something to keep you going while the activity in the blogopshere goes down due to the Christmas season.

For the third year in row, I'm going to put together The Pink Pigtail Inn list, where I appoint winners in a number of categories, covering different aspects of WoW and the WoW community. during the past year. And just like I did 2009, I'm asking for your assistance to refresh my memory.

Who do you think should win those categories, and for what reason? Suggest your favorites for one or several categories, as many as you like. You can write it in a comment to this post, or send an e-mail to larisascorner at gmail dot com. If you're a blogger you're free to put up a post about it, just make sure that I see it by leaving a comment or sending me a note.

The rules

First of all: here are the rules:
  • You can nominate almost anyone including yourself. But you can't nominate Larísa or The Pink Pigtail Inn for obvious reasons. And you can't nominate someone who previously has received the award for the same category. (Another category is OK). The reason is that I want to share the love a bit. It makes it more fun for everyone.
  • The list is intended to focus on 2010. Cataclysm arrived at the very end of the year, however I've decided that Cataclysm content will be ruled out from this list since there has been so little time to experience and evaluate the new content. You can nominate anything that arrived before the Shattering patch. It's OK to nominate content that was released in 2009 since 2010 was a rather thin year when it comes to new tabards, pets, instances etc.
  • You can suggest a completely new category and nominate a candidate for it. I might like it so much that I'll pick it up.
  • The jury consists of Larísa. My decision will definitely be inspired by your suggestions, especially if they come with good arguments. But it's not a popularity contest where the one with the most votes automatically will win. And no, I don't take bribes.
  • The prize for the category winners is the same as always: fame and honor, a special seat at The Pink Pigtail Inn and a virtual toast. If the winners want to design some kind of badge to decorate their blog, they're free to do so. But as far as I'm concerned, all I give out is my love and admiration.
  • You can keep nominating until I've announced the list, which won't happen until I'm back from my trip, in the beginning of January.
The categories
And now over to the categories. Under each one I've listed the winners from previous years, who accordingly can't be nominated again. In a couple of cases I've already decided to change the name of the category slightly to make it a little wider.

1. Best raid instance

2009: Ulduar
2008: Zul Aman

2. Least successful raid instance

2009: Eye of Eternity
2008: Sunwell

3. Most longed for instance

2009: Ulduar
2008: Magisters Terrace

4. Silliest gold sink

2009: The Dun Niffelem Mammoths
2008: Gold Eterium Band

5. Biggest addition to the game

2009: Dual spec
2008: Achievements

6. Best quest

2009:The Quel'delar chain
2008: The Wrathgate quest chain

7. Ugliest tabard

2009:Wyrmrest Accord
2008: Competitor’s Tabard

8. Favorite non combat pet

2009: Onyxia Whelpling
2008: The Phoenix Hatchling

9. Biggest community controversy

Comment: Renamed from "Most juicy guild drama". I decided to make the category wider. Please not that there's a special category for the hottest blog topic.

2009: The Martin Fury incident
2008: The merging of SK Gaming and Nihilum into Ensidia

10. Most charming Blizzard employee

2009: Patric Beja
2008: Ghostcrawler

11. Best podcast

2009: Blue Plz!
2008: Twisted Nether

12. Biggest blog facelift

2009: Righteous Orbs
2008: World of Matticus

13. Most memorable blog post

2009: Archetypes of the Female Gamer, revisited
2008: Noob world reorder

14. Most noticed blogger breakthrough

2009: Greedy Goblin
2008: Chick GM

15.Most solid content provider

2009: Welcome to Spinksville
2008: Tobold’s

16. Most hugged blogger

2009: Phaelia and BRK
2008: Big Bear Butt

17. Hottest blogosphere topic

Comment: The category is renamed from "Blog drama of the year" to make it a little wider.

2009: The Ferraro debacle
2008: N/A

18. Best writer

2009: Tamarind at Righteous Orbs
2008: N/A

And that was the list. Now please go ahead make your voice heard! I'm looking forward to the input.


Fuubaar said...

5) The LFG Tool!

Tracey said...

So many categories!! Hope you don't mind if I toss in some votes while skipping many categories that I don't have anything to say about...

5 - Biggest Addition to the Game: level 10 keystone ability. This one change re-created many specs, from needing to wait for level 30/40/50 to BE the class to jumping right into the heart of the class. This totally rocked!

9 - Biggest Community Controversy: Real ID + Real ID Blizzard Forums. No doubt; this hit the community hard, with many many people taking it quite personally.

11 - Best Podcast. Granted, I don't listen to many, but I do love the guys at The Instance. They're not new, though, so maybe they don't qualify...

15 - Most Solid Content Provider: For the fabulous combo of outstanding RP and useful Warlockery, Oddly, I don't seem to have a lot of bloggers I read for 'how to' stuff anymore - I'm looking more for stories and philosophy. An extra nomination for a different kind of content: She does a great job pointing up new or lesser known bloggers, interesting posts, and fun interviews. :)

16 - Most Hugged Blogger: Pike at Aspect of the Hare. Sweet girl, great site, loving fans.

17 - Hottest blogosphere topic: That mess with sexism in MMOs. Again.

18 - Best Writer. Did you SEE the Vyprania story? - Ratshag has it.

Fidjit said...

1) Given the choices, ICC

2) Ruby Sanctum

5) The new talent, leveling and class mechanic systems of 4.0.1

6) Given your restrictions, I don't think any new quests were added since last year?

9) Without a doubt, mandatory Real ID on the forums. No contest.

15) Updates might be a bit slower than other blogs, but I've found every single post on "Cynwise's Battlefield Manual" to be absolutely top notch. Extraordinarily detailed, insightful and entertaining.

16) Gnomeaggedon. Hug a gnome!

17) Tempted to say Real ID here again. Feminism had its run too.

Ratshag said...

1) I'd say what Ulduar held onta it's title

2) ToC

3) ICC. Then after nine months we longed fer it ta please go away already

4) Haris Pilton achievement bags

5) Dungeon Finder, hands down

7) Loremaster's Colors

9) RealID. Lordy, what a brouhaha.

18) I'd say the Pink Pigtailed one done came inta her own this year. But is against the rules, apparentlies...

Linedan said...

1. Icecrown Citadel

2. Trial of the Crusader (aka Trial of the Big Boring Round Room)

3. Icecrown Citadel

7. Kirin Tor

8. Moonkin Hatchling

9. RealID

15. Righteous Defense (and I'm not even a paladin!)

17. Sexism in WoW

18. Ratshag

Redbeard said...

Hmmmm.... Aren't you supposed to be on vacation?

Oh well.

3) Halls of Reflection (hey, it's my choice, not that of the people who saw the instance and dropped)
4) Sparkle Pony (you didn't mention whether it was real coin or virual gold)
5) LFD Tool
6) Venomhide Raptor chain
7) Loremaster's Colors
9) Real ID Fail
14) Vidyala -- formerly Pugging Pally, now Manalicious
15) Righteous Orbs
17) Real ID Fail
18) Rades at Orcish Army Knife


11: Ventchat - a podcast that has made me enjoy the game again and look for People in Azeroth instead of looking for 'More' just to fill slots.

joeego said...

1. Best raid instance
ICC - We were stuck with it for a long time, but it really was good enough to last most or all of that time.

2. Least successful raid instance
Ruby Sanctum - odd tuning next to the already heavily nerfed ICC. Would have been better if released earlier.

3. Most longed for instance
Ulduar. Sucks a lot to be so overgeared for the place. Best Wrath raid.

4. Silliest gold sink
Dalaran rings. First versions compared very favorably to raid drops. The final tier of ring was outclassed by almost everything in ICC 10 or 25.

5. Biggest addition to the game
LFG/Dungeon Finder.

8. Favorite non combat pet

9. Biggest community controversy

11. Best podcast
The Instance

14. Most noticed blogger breakthrough
Life In Group 5

15.Most solid content provider
Righteous Defense

17. Hottest blogosphere topic
10 vs 25 man raiding changes coming in Cataclysm.

Shintar said...

Yay, I've been looking forward to these! I put my own nominations into a blog post.

Jen said...

1. Best raid instance
ICC. It got old after a year, but I really liked it. (Plus, skeleton drakes!)

2. Least successful raid instance
We all know TOC is gonna win here.

3. Most longed for instance
The ICC dungeons? I'm not into lore, but I know people loved them for the story.

4. Silliest gold sink
Hyacinth macaw, though I'm not sure when it was added.

5. Biggest addition to the game

8. Favorite non combat pet

9. Biggest community controversy
Real ID.

12. Biggest blog facelift
TBJ's was the biggest for me, simply because her old layout was my favorite out of all the blogs.

13. Most memorable blog post
The Gerald saga.

15.Most solid content provider
I'd be dead without TBJ.

17. Hottest blogosphere topic
Real ID. Feminism. Roleplaying gone wrong.

Gerrad said...

13. Most Memorable Blog Post
'' It's not me it's you '' from Issy on Jaeycandco

15. Most Solid Content Provider
Nefernet on

16. Most Hugged Blogger
Issy on

Edawan said...

1. Best raid instance : Ulduar keeps the crown

2. Least successful raid instance : ToC

4. Silliest gold sink : Dalaran rings

5. Biggest addition to the game : Random Dungeon Finder

6. Best quest : the Drakuru questline. Far from new but still the best !

8. Favorite non combat pet : Argent Squire, maybe ?

9. Biggest Community Controversy : not RealID because it wasn't a controversy : everyone was against it !

13. Most memorable blog post : Gevlon's Ulduar in blues

17. Hottest blogosphere topic : fail PUG stories

18. Best writer : Klepsacovic

Quiet Kjun said...

1. ICC

5. New spec system and major talent at level 10. It has made almost all specs viable, at least for leveling.

9. Real ID. I deleted my blog because of it, so did others.

11. The Instance

12. Not exactly a facelift, she left Aurdon's Mage Blog to start her own. Rhii at Oh My, Kurenai.

15. I know you can't win, but I'm still voting for you here.

16. Rhii

17. Real ID

18. Miss Mediocre! Please check her blog out. She is a terrific writer.

Anonymous said...

18. Miss Mediocre!!!

New category - Blogger who actually thinks they can get Blizzard to react to some silly little Dictator tool they used in a battleground when nobody was queing for it anyway because they were waitingn for Cataclysm. And the winner is Gevlon!

Disciplinary Action said...

1) ICC
2) Naxx
3) ICC
4) Monocles
5) LFD
6) Battle of Lordaeron
7) Loremaster
8) Perky Pug
9) Purchasable mounts (aka the Sparklepony Fiasco)
10) Zarhym
11) WoWPhiles
12) Disciplinary Action (I know, I know! Phbbt)
13) A Friend Avenged (Orcish Army Knife)
14) MMO Melting Pot
15) MMO Champion
16) Vidyala (Puggin' Pally and Manalicious)
17) Femininsm in Gaming
18) Rades (Orcish Army Knife)

TM said...

1. Given the dearth of good choices, ICC?
2. TOC simply because TOC deserves to be on this list for posterity.
3. Anything that isn’t ICC AGAIN after 10 months in there.
4. The Insane title
5. Gonna have to agree with LFG.
6. Echo Isles/Reclaiming Gnomeregan, since I think those are the only non-Cata related new quests from 2010.
7. I liked the new faction tabards, so Loremaster’s Colors get a belated booby prize. Blegh.
8. Core Hound Pup. Cute AND foils hackers.
9. Women in WoW.
10. Zarhym and Bashiok. They’re like the blue Koltira/Thassarian.
12. Errr… Hmm. I like the fonts at Disciplinary Action. So there :D
16. How cute is this category? Pike and Vidyala are pretty snuggleable, imho.
17. RealID.
18. Vyxsin from Life in Group 5 and Cynwise from Cynwise’s Blog Empire.

Bronte said...

Uh, can we skip categories?

doctoroctagon said...

1) Ulduar, still the most epic raid in all of Wrath.

2) Ruby Sanctum, a lot of trash for loot no one needed.

5) LFD. It has changed dungeon running forever.

8) Deathy

9) Ensidia's saronite bomb scandal downing the Lich King

10) Nethaera

11) WoWphiles, this podcast is sooo good. Far and away my favorite.

Dominus said...

1. Icecrown citadel

Loved it, raided it to death. Ulduar bore me much more quickly, not to speak of totc.

2. Totc

3. Icecrown citadel

Was basically waiting all the expansion for a chance to exact my revenge on Athas.

5. Dungeon Finder

Werewolf1811 said...

11. I've listened to several podcasts, one however, seems to stand above the rest. WoWPhiles. They have a group of the funniest, aswell as insightful show hoasts I have had the pleasure to listen to.
Episode #50, for example, "Twas the Night Before Cataclysm" Awsome poetry work by Jason Zimmerman, and wonderful topic discussion on the recent shattering changes to our vitural world. Anyone who has not yet listened to their cast's, be sure to give them a listen at

Whimzee said...

1. Best raid instance

ICC - only because that was the one we were in all year. I actually enjoy Ulduar better but that one is ineligible

2. Least successful raid instance

Ruby Sanctum

4. Silliest gold sink

My Chopper! (But I love it so!)

5. Biggest addition to the game

Cataclysm (?)

6. Best quest line

Haven't done many in old world Cataclysm yet, but the Westfall questline was amazing.

7. Ugliest tabard

Wyrmrest (I know it's ineligible but it's really really ugly)

8. Favorite non combat pet

Moonkin Hatchling

9. Biggest community controversy


11. Best podcast

WoWphiles by far

I unfortunately don't have time to read enough blogs to vote on the rest. Although I love reading a variety of them when I do have time.

SSB Jezi said...

11. Best podcast
14. Most noticed blogger breakthrough
Postcards From Azeroth
15.Most solid content provider
Shy At Wow
18. Best writer

Nikodhemus said...

4. Kickin Chimaeric Chops - like 3K for an old world cooking recipe? Really?
5. Add-on – LFG - SO many complaints about sucky pugs, but for random people like me, this is what allowed me to run instances AT ALL
6. Start a Bar Fight - its on the new ship down in Thousand Needles
8. waupertinger - Cuz I had to get drunk to catch him!
17. Noisy Rogue’s rant about female gamers - And, not to slam Adam again about it... but 'rant' is the only descriptive word here
13. Ratshag’s Dangermouse mourns her friend - The whole Death Knight series were good.
13. #2 Galertruby's Guides. Another Ratshag creation, I have learned so much from the wisdom of the undead.
15. Cold’s Gold Factory - i get consistently good money making tips here
16. cold’s gold factory - again, a good sight, except that he is falling to the dark side of the marketing game
18. Ratshag - Most entertaining writer, period. That guy rocks!

Fitz said...

Once again I am wordy, so no way I can just leave a comment! Here's my ballot box stuffing for the 2010 PPI Awards (now even more like the academy awards!).

Have a blessed and safe holiday season Larisa. See you in 2011!

Carra said...

5. Biggest addition to the game
LFG. Changed the way I played. Even levelled a warrior with nothing but LFD from level 70-80.

4. Sparlking ponies & minipets for real money.

6. Best quest

9. RealId

Carra said...

5. Biggest addition to the game
LFG. Changed the way I played. Even levelled a warrior with nothing but LFD from level 70-80.

4. Sparlking ponies & minipets for real money.

6. Best quest

9. RealId

doctoroctagon said...

After reading through other comments I have to say that I need to change my answer for most controversial topic to REal ID. I forgot how controversial that was.

Also #14. Postcards From Azeroth needs mad props.

Tobeume said...

1) Ulduar by far. ICC lasted too long to leave a good impression with me.

2) Ruby Sanctum. The timing of its release seemed off. It came when people were burned out on raiding and waiting on Cata.

3) Ulduar.

4) Dalaran rings.

5) The Dungeon Finder tool. No more begging in trade chat for a tank to do a daily heroic quest everyone hated.

6) Are we excluding Pre-Cata event quests or not? If not, the Cultist quests in the major cities.

7) Kirin Tor

8) Wind Rider cub

9) RealID

11) Blu Plz! again

18) Rades

Jasyla said...

1. There's not really I lot to choose from here. I have to say Icecrown Citadel. I really do think it was a good raid instance, but being around for over a year certainly gave me less than fond feelings about it.

2. Trial of the Crusader. Four seperate lockouts for one raid instance? And not even an interesting raid instance, it all takes place in 2 rooms.

3. Ruby Sanctum. I was fairly desperate for a break from ICC (though rather disappointed when we got it).

4. Dalaran rings. Lots of gold for a ring that isn't even very good. The teleport is handy though.

5. Changes to classes. Giving all specs a signature ability at level 10 was a welcome change and the leveling experience was improved immensely.

6. I like that chain with Thorim and the Sons of Hodir in Storm Peaks. It's long, interesting and builds up interest for the HoL, HoS and Ulduar.

7. Kirin Tor. I normally love purple, but this is an ugly purple tabard.

8. Sprite Darter Hatchling. This one has been my favorite since I got it, many years ago. It's so cute and colorful.

9. Ensidia's first Lich King kill.

10. No idea.

11. ??

12. Murloc Parliament

13. Coming from a resto druid standpoint, it's Keeva's "I Shapeshift therefore I am" post ( Though I personally completely disagreed with the sentiment, a LOT of druids rallied around this posts and the poster image was seen everywhere.

14. Vixsin at Life in Group 5. She's only been blogging for a year but has become the go-to resource for resto shaman.

15. Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket. Always has well-written (and even better illustrated) posts on everything you'd need to know about resto druids.

16. Larisa!

17. Women in WoW

18. Vixsin at Life in Group 5.

Sthenno said...

1. Alright, I'm not sure whether people read the bit where we aren't supposed to put up things that have already won, or, if like me they think that Ulduar is just so good that it deserves to break the rules. ICC was fine, but calling it the best while Ulduar is still around seems like it might be illegal.

2. The Colosseum, naturally

3. I'm willing to compromise on this and not say Ulduar again. It seems only fitting to give this to Zul'Gurub

5. Dungeon finder

8. Chuck

9. The Saronite Bomb, collapsing floor lich king kill (I'd say RealID but it wasn't a controversy... everyone was on the same side)

Rhii said...

Ah Larisa, I love this topic. :D I am excited to actually have good input this year.

1. Best raid instance -
Icecrown Citadel. I spent pretty much the whole year in here, and I wasn't painfully bored until near the end. That's a good raid. :)

2. Least successful raid instance

Ruby Sanctum. We didn't run this on my server. Nobody hardly ran it, guilds didn't run it. PUGs didn't run it. Nobody ran it. I wanted to run it, but if people stay away in droves, something's wrong.

3. Most longed for instance
- Heroic Deadmines/Heroic SFK. OMG, we were so excited for these! :D

4. Silliest gold sink
I got nothing here. :( I don't spend gold lightly, and I can't even really think what I would spend it on if I did.

5. Biggest addition to the game

The Dungeon Finder. Blessing and Curse... speed leveling for my healer alts, but utter drudgery for daily heroics and source of a large amount of dickishness. This was the biggest game changer by far.

6. Best quest

Retaking Echo Islands (I liked this better than Gnomeregan, but only just).

7. Ugliest tabard

Loremaster's Tabard. EW!

8. Favorite non combat pet

Sen'Jin Fetish, from the Argent Tournament. I love the different masks this pet wears, and the jungle drums that play when you summon it. I also love that it's not all that common, despite being easily available from the tourney and BOE.

9. Biggest community controversy

Real ID in the forums! It actually got me to the forums to add my vote! I use Real ID, but I like to use it on my own terms and have the choice to opt out. Go Blizzard for backing down.

10. Most charming Blizzard employee

This is so not my area of expertise.

11. Best podcast


12. Biggest blog facelift

Pugging Pally -> Manalicious

13. Most memorable blog post

Rades's essay on Thersa Windsong here:

14. Most noticed blogger breakthrough

Zelmaru at Murloc Parliament

15.Most solid content provider

Zelmaru at Murloc Parliament

16. Most hugged blogger

Apple at Azeroth Apple seems to attract hugs like a giant hug magnet. /hugs Apple. Yup. That's her.

17. Hottest blogosphere topic

The giant sexism kerfuffle of 2010, I think qualifies here.

18. Best writer

Pewter at 'Mental Shaman for analytical writing. Rades at Orcish Army Knife for evocative, lore filled, beautiful posts.

Cold said...

Did A full post for my nominations. Check out Cold's Nominations for the 2010 Pink Pigtail Inn List of 2010.

Excellent idea so I had to chip in. Stop by and check em out and feel free to arguing for one nomination or another in the comments. :)

Prelimar said...

late to this party, but i was out of town for a week. hope i'm here in time to vote! here's mine:

1) Best raid instance: ICC.

2) Least successful raid instance: Ruby Sanctum, but not because i've been there. (or maybe because nobody seemed to care about going?)

4) Silliest gold sink: Mechanohogs

5) Biggest addition: LFG tool, hands down.

6) Best quest: Crusader Bridenbrad, in Icecrown (

8) Favorite non-combat pet: Pandaren Monk (does this count?)

9) Biggest community controversy: Real ID.

10) Most charming Blizz employee: i'm really liking Bashiok these days, since patrick & ghostcrawler can't be nominated. : )

11) Best podcast: i'm really liking the Obscurecast

13) Most memorable blog post: Gnomeaggedon did an entire series in November on his experiences with depression and how to find help if you suffer from it. It was deeply personal and really amazing. i can't nominate this enough.

15) Most solid content provider: Mana Obscura

16) Most hugged blogger: Gnomeaggedon

17) Hottest blogosphere topic: Real ID

18) Best Writer: Gnomeaggedon. again, that November/Depression series of his was just fantastic.

Ale said...

7 - Ugliest Tabard is definately the Loremaster's Colors. One works their booty off to complete all the quests and their reward is an ugly tabard with a giant yellow exclamation point. It is just so lame, fugly and a huge dissapointment.

Larísa said...

: Pre-publication ftw! Works like a charm.

@All: Thanks for your suggestions! The jury will now have a secret meeting and make their call, soon to be announced. Be patient!

Markco said...

12. Biggest blog facelift: JMTC Main Page

14. Most noticed blogger breakthrough: 9500 Subscribers

15.Most solid content provider: I'll give you a hint: daily gold making tips for two years straight

17. Hottest blogosphere topic: Hillarious misrepresentation by GTFOOTF for the JMTC blogging carnivals.