Monday, February 28, 2011

A pint with Larísa somewhere else

The people at MMO Melting Pot were kind enough to invite me over to their place to have a chat over a pint. And how they made me talk! There wasn’t any end to it.

If you’d like to hear my take on topics such as raid sizes, in-game special rewards, the pros and cons of link-love and the possible responsibility we might have to the blogosphere – please head over to MMO Melting Pot and read the interview. Be warned though – each reply to the seven questions is more or less like a blogpost in itself.


Lily said...

It was a good read.


standinthebluecircle said...

I hope they didn't make you feel guilty with the one question they asked you.

Rebecca said...

Cheers for joining us for the pint and the chat, Larisa! Drinks are on us for everyone :)

ircle - if it's the question I think you mean, we weren't meaning Larisa (or anyone else) should have any kind of responsibility - we were just picking up on something Larisa mentioned Adam @ The Noisy Rogue said, and asking her what she really thought :)

Larísa said...

@Lily: /wave
Good to see you!

ircle: No, no, not at all. Sometimes I'm probably not clear enough as I write. When I said I was sorry for not taking responsability it was more a rhetorical thing than anything else. I was perfectly cool with the questions. I've been interviewed a couple of times before, but then managed to bring out new, fresh perspectives.