Thursday, July 21, 2011


Larísa isn’t here anymore. She’s enjoying her retirement, forever sitting by a campfire in Elwynn Forrest, sharing stories, looking at the starry night sky.

The inn will remain closed. I don’t subscribe for WoW anymore and I’ve even – gasp! - uninstalled it from my computer. It’s a finished chapter in my life. I don’t regret it but I’ve moved on.

It’s me, Jessica who is writing this post - not the innkeeper, even though I know it can’t be separated all that easily. A part of me will always listen to the name Larísa.

There’s a thick layer of dust covering the place. Not many people come this way nowadays. I see you’ve emptied the bottles, and that what was just what I intended.

I know there were a few of you who wondered what happened to me and who asked me to give a notice if I’d ever come back to public writing again in some other place. And that’s why I’m here. I’m just putting up a small note on the door for stray wanderers to see.

Yes, I’ve started to blog again, just a little bit, hesitatingly, but not as a pink pigtailed gnome, but as myself, Jessica. It’s called The Velvet Café. (Yes, I couldn’t let go of the analogy of a bar, I’m afraid: I always get that image into my head when I think about blogging.) However I don’t think this blog will be particularly interesting to most of you, if any.

It’s not about WoW; in fact it’s not about gaming at all. It’s about an old interest of mine, which has been sadly neglected for many years due to other commitments taking precedence – raising children, making a career, spending insanely lot of time playing and writing about WoW. It’s a blog about movies.

I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll make of it. Like all newborn blogs it has an aura of insecurity. It lacks direction and a distinct blogger’s voice. I suppose the introductory post will give you an idea of where I’m heading though.

As for a start I’ve tossed up a bunch of reflections over movies I’ve seen lately, which I’ve previously posted at a forum for where I’ve been hanging around. (This is quite an intimidating place by the way. Believe me, there are EJ forums for everything! Film is no exception.) For the future I imagine that I’ll write not only movie-specific posts, but also more personal takes on whatever comes into my mind as long as it has some sort of remote connection to the world of films.

Again: I know perfectly well that this cup of coffee isn’t for everyone. But I thought I hould let you know since you asked so nicely. Feel free to come and have a look if you want to, but remember - don’t feel bad if you don’t like it at all. It’s not you, it’s me, OK?

I also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their thoughtful, loving, caring and touching comments on Larísa’s final post. I always used to reply to every comment I got, but this time it felt appropriate not to, since Larísa basically had left the place. However, I took all you said, every single comment, and put it close to my heart, where I’m still carrying them around. It’s a cold world out there. You kept me warm. You still do.


Jessica, former Larísa, innkeeper of The Pink Pigtail Inn


Lisandra said...

Thanks for the link to your new home, Jessica. I too have drastically scaled back my WoW time (still subscribing, but haven't played in weeks now), and like movies. Since I always came here for your insights into topics that are relevant to me and for your writing style I will give your new blog a chance. Hope to see it thrive!

Brian 'Psychochild' Green said...

You still never posted about your LotRO experiences as you promised! ;)

Anyway, never say never. You might come back some day. Or maybe a new game will pique your interest!

At any rate, thanks for the memories. And, I'll definitely check out your new blog. I always loved this site for your writing and insight, not for stories about WoW.

Saga said...

Thanks for coming back here and sharing the new link, I'm a big movie fan myself and will be sure to visit the café :)

Hope everything is well with you!

Dwism said...

Felt weird and yet good, to see your blog on top of my feed :)

It's weird you write just now, taking me back to when I started blogging. Since just last week I returned to wow once again.

Other than that, I'll repeat what Mr Psychochild said "wheres the LotRo post?" and "I always loved this site for your writing and insight, not for stories about WoW." so you can be sure I'll be reading


ps; real name? eww

Bronte said...

Awww! I saw you pop up in my feed reader and i got all excited you were back to blogging. I was only partially vindicated, for you are back blogging, but not in the way we are used to.

latusthegoat said...



Ratshag said...

Followed. I likes movies, even ones what ain't got talkin fishies in'em. I tries fer ta not get orcprints on the nice carpeting.

Tesh said...

Looks like you're having fun over there. Good to hear. :)

For a guy who got a degree to work in movies, I sure don't watch many of them. Too much static, not enough signal.

Larísa said...

@Thomas: I'm looking forward to see you over there!

@Brian Psychochild Green: You never forget anything, do you? ;)
I guess I'll have to figure out some way to work it into my film blog. Maybe I could write something cross-media-oriented as the Bilbo movies approach, comparing the movie, book and game experience... Hm... Worth a thought at least.

@Saga: You're welcome!

@Dwism: Back in WoW? I guess it's just a short visit before Star Wars arrives...
About the real name thing: It does feel really, really strange. But somehow it felt as if it was time for me to let my avatar rest and step out of the shadows. I have nothing to be ashamed of, really.

@Bronte: I'm sorry to disappoint you. But there were a few people who seemed to really want to know about my next writing project, even if it wasn't in the WoW area.

: <3

@Ratshag: Orcs are especially welcome in this café. But I must disagree about the fish issue. Who doesn't love Nemo?

@Tesh: I figure the best way to stay passionate about movies is to let it remain a hobby. Actually that's true for games as well... or just about anything, thinking closer about it.

Tomas said...

It's days like these that I am glad I never unsubscribe to my favorite blogs. Even if they never post again, just seeing the titles still on my reader can bring a smile to my face and remind me of days long past.

I think I'll sign this post with my real name instead of Azryu this time. It only seems fitting. Thanks for pointing us to your new home!

Larísa said...

@Tomas: Awww, thank you. I'm glad to see you smiling, even though it's just me, Jessica, putting up a note. See you over there. :)

Inno said...

Thank you for the epilogue post. I really can't stand stories that suddenly end without a true close. The last little glimpse into their future is very much appreciated.

Krytus said...

I promise I'll leave my sword at the entrance and I'll be careful with the velvet.

/hugs from the other side of the world.

Larísa said...

@Inno: You're welcome! It felt like an appropriate final closure. Or post-closure, whatever. But now I've definitely moved out of here.

@Krytus: /hugs
You can take off your shoes as well if you want to. Make yourself comfortable and grab a cup!

Carra said...

Glad to hear you're still alive and still doing what you love: writing.

I'm a cinephile myself so I'll check your blog. And maybe comment from time to time :)

Larísa said...

@Carra: Hey there! You're most welcome to come over for a drink and some movie musings.

Utakata said...

I accidently dropped by here...since my other blog bookmarks are in your neighborhood.

I am too hanging up my pigtails and leaving WoW likely for good in a few days...a game I've played straight for 6 years on this one tiny pink but fiesty Gnome. There are reasons why and I won't go into as of why...but to generalize, Blizz's direction for that game has parted ways from mine. And I've lost my enjoyment playing there. But instead of retiring, my character's spirit will live on in games like City of Heroes, and perhaps eventually Guild Wars 2. There are other games she might venture in as well.

But before I go, there is a matter of controversy I left here one day, that even got the err of your guild lead at the time. I just wanted to say, I am sorry for it. It was not my intention to create such a disruption. But only to point my which I could of done a better job of. Sorry if that upset you...and I hope you can forgive me for it. I am sometimes overly passionate in my views...and use a sledge hammer where a scalpel was only necessary. :(

Good luck in you adventures though. I hope everything works ourt wonderfully for you.

*Wiggles pigtail*


Larísa said...

@Utakata: I had to think long and hard before I could recall any kind of controversy. Wasn't this always a peaceful place? In any case, if you made something bad, it's long time forgitten and forgiven, rest assure of that.
Glad you stopped by and hope you'll be happy in your new gaming territories!

Syrien said...

Thanks for the heads-up! This gave me a small piece of happy in a day that's been filled with RL sadness. /hug

Larísa said...

@Syrien: I'm sorry to hear about your RL sadness... If I remember it correctly you're from Norway, so I understand totally why. Tbh my latest post at The Velvet Café is related to this. I had to let it out. But normally I hope the blog will be more on the cheerful side.

hound said...


Busy work schedule, haven't been watching my blogroll every day like I used to so I missed this.

You've just inspired me to jump back into one of my more personal and neglected blogs where I've done some movie-talk.

It was my first blog. I've thought about scrapping it but it's a nice journal of sorts.

I'm gonna have to put your new blog in there on the blog roll. Don't even have one of those on there yet!

Thanks for letting us know what you're doing, much appreciated!

Larísa said...

Keeping up several blogs parallel to each other? Sounds ambitious! Anyway: I'm glad if I somehow inspired you. Feel welcome to come over and have as much or little coffee as you like.

hound said...

Actually, I wouldn't call it "parallel". More like, "whenever I feel like it", or "if I feel like it and also have the time", because, sometimes life sucks.

The only reason why I have a few is because I wanted to separate some of my interests from one another and make it easy to find them if I wanted to do some reviewing.

Because I didn't realize we could "tag" posts. And if I had known, I wouldn't have understand what it meant at the time.

SpiritusRex a/k/a Scott said...

Well, well, well, I'm late to the party again, am I? Sorry, but I've been up in the lands of fire, trying to protect the denizens of Azeroth from the second coming of Ragnaros. I'm sure you remember the first time he came toward our humble little area of the cosmos - it didn't end well for him/it then, and it isn't ending well for him now.

Must say, being in all that heat has made me quite thirsty. I like movies, too, but it's mostly the drink that I'll be coming for, so I'll be drifting over to the new cafe - I hear the owner has a lot in common with a certain pigtailed failmage I use to know ;)

In all seriousness, great to hear from you again and I'll be stopping by the new site.

Ancestor said...

Good to see you back in the game, Lari ... er, I mean Jessica! You actually inspired me to start blogging about The Old Republic (and my guild before then)on "Imperial Intelligence", so it's excellent to see you back in the fold. I stopped my WoW account too; just no passion for it. I'll be adding your new blog to favs. Happy trails!

Larísa said...

Rex: Good to see you! I'll be waiting for you at the new place. Free drinks. Just the fireplace missing. You think I should build one?

: Cheers!

Orchidae said...

Yay! Great to find out. I have come back periodically to see any follow ups and will happily travel over to the new blog. Now if Tamarind will do something similar, miss his writing too.....

Redbeard said...

Lari- er, Jessica--

Thanks for the link to your new blog. Hope you have fun with it!

Oh, and I still see plenty of people who come to our blog through PPI. I suspect that PPI will remain a destination for some people who use your blogroll, so don't ever think of allowing PPI to vanish!

Larísa said...

: You're welcome to pop by!

: Oh, I enjoy it totally. I'll let the blog stay up on this domain until May next year, when the domain rent expires. After that I'm likely to let it go. We'll see. It's a bit annoying that I get tons and tons of spam comments and all those notifications are forwarded to my private email address... That's what might make me close it earlier. I'm sick of those mails. But we'll see. For now it's up. Obviously. ;)

River said...

Awesome added you to my blog roll, and I'm already in your blog reading it.

I promise to behave...sorta.

Larísa said...

@River: you're so welcome over and have a drink at my new place! I'm not sure we share the same taste for movies, as a matter of fact I suspect we might have some differing opinions about it. But that only makes the banter more interesting, doesn't it?