Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Post Where Larísa Tries to Mislead

"But Larísa, you're not a mage blogger"!

"Oh. I'm not? Well, now that you mention it..."

The comments on the post of yesterday was a bit of an awakening to me. Listening to the banter in the bar, it became clear to me that even if I'm thinking of myself as a mage blogger, I'm certainly not seen as one. One reader had even lived in the illusion that I was a paladin. Maybe it was my shields that had confused him?

I threw a glance at the labels of the posts, and realized that out of more than 500 posts published since the opening of the PPI, only 35 were remotely connected to mages. And this made me give in. I'm not a mage blogger anymore. I may have been it at some point, but nowadays I'm just a WoW blogger who happens to play a mage.

This hasn't prevented me from producing yet another misleading mage blog post though!

I think we agreed yesterday that Gnomeaggedon is The #1 Misleading Mage Blogger who deliberately plagues the blogosphere with his delusions just to confuse all those pesky, envious hunters and warlocks.

I've now joined his forces, giving him a hand in his efforts to spread false information over Azeroth. So if you want to get a chunk of Larísa writing today, you'd better head over to Gnomes place and read my guest post, titled: "Agility and Attack Power - the essentials of a mage".

Have I succeeded in my mission to mislead? Maybe, maybe not. It may not be exactly what it looks like from the heading. Judge for yourself.


Klepsacovic said...

Totally unconvincing. Everyone knows that warlocks are the true melee casters.

Hugmenot said...

While we are on the subject of blogs containing useful information, may I suggest you take a look at Looking For More?

I recommend it highly.

Perdissa said...

At low levels, mages do more damage using their staves to melee mobs than actually casting spells.

As they advance in level, this slowly changes, as they begin to do more damage with spells.

Most mages are content with this, but the truly elite mages time their spell casting with their swing timers and stand behind the bosses in melee range to avoid dodges and parries.

The melee aspect of the mage should not be underestimated!

krizzlybear said...

what klep said; clearly, warlocks are the only class easily misled enough to melee everything they see. I think those demon pets set bad examples.

Grimmtooth said...

There's a difference between a balanced blogger that happens to be a mage, and a blog that is all mage, all the time. The latter is what most think of as "mage bloggers".

Not that that's a bad thing, these days :)

Larísa said...

: awww... Nice try though? I'm still levelling my dagger skill btw. Noticed the other night. Feels a bit funny.

: Oh, I've been there a number of times. I particularly love their drawings. There was a tanking 101 post I really need to look closer into.

:... which is about as stupid as it is to learn hunters to melee at the first levels. Thankfully enough they're about to change this (at least for the hunters). It's really silly to lure new players into bad habits rathher than teaching them to use the best methods for fighting from the beginning.

: for some reason they seem to love to be hurt those warlocks. If they don't get into melee range and get hurt enuogh to be injured, they'll even start to lifetap themselves. Weirdos.

: There's a third aspect as well: where your heart is. And in my case there's no doubt about my mage identity. Lately I've gotten quite a crush on druids as well, but in the end, my identity will always be the mage one. Optimistic about being able to tear down walls and changing the world, but still admittedly vulnerable/squishy/emo.

I think it reflects my personality pretty well.

TechDeft said...

I'm not going to read that drivel. Everyone knows mages should AVOID attack power, because of the strength to AP conversion. They should be stacking STR then AGI.

Sigh, so misleading.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Huntards can now pass all their heirloom gear to their newly created mages! Talk about misdirection for the win!


Dorgol said...

"One reader had even lived in the illusion that I was a paladin."

I thought you were a Warlock, to be honest...

Melfina said...

So this entire thing led me to write a post on blog classification. I figured I'd mention it since you started me thinking about it.

Carra said...

I thought this blog was about cute gnomes with pink pigtails.

It's why my gnome joined!

Gronthe said...

As a misleading Mage, am I now to believe that you actually have pink pig tails? What if that's not true? What if your head is shaved and have little purple stumps? Noooo, say it ain't so!

Mage/Hunter player said...


Is there any chance that u could possibly put a links section on your blog with links to some of the good mage blogs because i am finding more and more, but they are very scattered and unconnected. Also if anyone does know of a very good mage theorycrafting site, please lemme know :). Great post by the way. On the lighter side of things, i doubt BRK meant any offense. In the end it is just a game. Poking fun at another class shouldnt be taken with seriousness. Frost actually seems like a nice guy, I think he was just poking fun at u guys.

Larísa said...

: Str and Agi... noted.... What do you think about Armor P?

: I'm doing my best to confuse.

@Dorgol: oh dear.... I'm really not talking much about my beloved class, obviously.

@Melfina: Nice overview! As I commented - I think it's a great start, but you can refine it a little bit more. I'm perfectly happy in my circle of "general". My misellaneous category is a huge sack of random stuff and I'll keep it that way. It makes me feel ever so free!

@Carra: Oh yeah! If anything this is a gnome blog.... or wait... we serve hordes as well. This is a neutral zone after all. A Switzerland of the WoW blogosphere if you so say.

@Gronthe: just check me on armory and you can see for yourself. I've never EVER had a haricut in game and I take some pride in that.

@Mage/Hunter: I heard someone whisper that Gazimoff at Mana Obscura is about to do something like that. He's a way more mage specific mage blogger than I am and he should be on your read-list. I think he'll serve what you're asking for and probably much better than I would be able to do.

Larísa said...

@Mage/Hunter once again:
Actually Mana Obscura has already made that list. It's awesome. Put a bookmark there. Issue solved!

Mage/Hunter player said...

Thank you sooo much larisa....u r the bomb :)