Saturday, June 28, 2008

Party time

Softi asked for some kind of opening party – and here you are! I hope you can see the fireworks in the night sky outside of the window and the sparkling confetti filling the air. We’re offering loads of Delicious chocolate cakes, which I guarantee will keep you happy the whole night and free drinks of your choice to go with it. Personally I’d like to recommend Kreeg’s Stout Beatdown which I bought in Dire Maul. It will keep your spirits up for the whole night!

Well now that the party’s going on (yeah, hordies, you’re invited too, don’t be shy, you don’t have to hide in the dark corner, bloodelf or night elf, tauren or dwarf, you’re all welcome to Larísa’s), I come to think of other parties I’ve seen in the game.

To be honest they’re not many. Maybe there are parties going on all over Azeroth in secrecy – it’s just that I’m not invited.

However, there’s one spot in the game which I’ve always thought would be the perfect place for running a nightclub with a crowded dancefloor. You probably know what I’m thinking of? Yes, of course – the cave at the fp in Un’Goro Crater with all those glowing crystals. They look just like spotlights, putting you in the right mood. So far I’ve never seen a party going on there, but who knows, one day I may arrange one myself.

In one of my former guilds they actually used to arrange parties to celebrate those who dinged 70. They used to assemble at one of the less crowded inns in Stormwind. After having quite a few drinks the party would move on to AH, jumping up beside the auctioneer, using it as a dance floor. I say “they”, since Larísa was a young and shy newbie and definitely didn’t want to draw attraction to herself in that manner. I was hiding in the corner, watching my guildies, half ashamed, half fascinated by this way of using the game as a stage of your own.

Anyway I just wanted to tell you that The Pink Pigtail Inn now officially has opened and I hope you feel at home as much as I do.

Let’s party!


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