Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A new game

So Larísa got her epic flying mount the other day and at last I'm playing the same game as I guess most of my readers do.

I never knew the difference was so huge. And I just can't understand how I could cope with my slow flyer for such a long time. I don't exaggerate when I say that it feels like a different game.
Larísa probably needs to take a few flight lessons, she just isn't used to the new speed. I can't put the mount on autorun anymore, knowing it will take ages before she has to turn. My biggest problem collecting herbs is that I tend to fly too long, not being able to stop in time as I see the nodes.

Maybe I'll stick to herbalism after all. For a while it was such a pain and so time consuming that I seriously started to wonder why I kept it - I frequently had to go panic buying herbs at AH anyway in order to make potions and elixirs needed for rading.

I remember thinking there seemed to be some kind of mysterious lag connected to farming, making my mount go twice as slow as ordinary. Now it feels like I can cover the whole of Zangarmarsh in no time at all. And covering such great areas of course gives me more value for the time spent - suddenly I actually get some herbs when I farm. Earlier I often ended up disappointed with a more or less empty bag.

A new game has begun - it's a feeling just as great as when I got my first mount at level 40 - or maybe even a bit better actually. I hope I can keep this feeling, not getting spoiled and taking it for granted.

I can't help wondering though: what will it be like in the expansion? Could they possibly make an even faster mount? Or rather: could I handle it? Honestly, I doubt it. But until then I'll keep practicing my flying skill. The birds of Skettis, beware! Here comes Larísa on her brand new mount, craving for revenge.