Thursday, March 3, 2011

Piggies to brighten your day

Things are very, very quiet in the WoW community this week. Or rather: everyone is busy buzzing about Rift, but since I’m not playing it and not planning to join anytime soon, it holds very little interest to me.

I’ve had a couple of rather dramatic days myself, and I’m still wrestling my mind whether to blog about it or not. Hence my silence.

However, something arrived in the post the other day and I wanted to share it with you, since it gave me a smile.

It’s a Piggie! And in case you have no idea about what a Piggie is, I’ll tell you now. The word was invented by no one else but BBB, who I’ve always thought of as the grandfather of WoW blogging. He had a post a few days ago where he spoke very kindly of PPI and among other things referred to the yearly PPI award as “piggies”.

And this in turn inspired another wonderful blogger, Tesh, to offer me a medal-like icon, which the category winners could use on their blogs to show that their award.

I fell in love with this figure the first time I saw it. Pigtails indeed! While I admit that the Oscar is superior in fame and wealth, it isn’t even close to the piggies when it comes to charm.

It remains to see how many of those we’ll see around. As a matter of fact several of the blogs that have won previously years aren’t active anymore. But I hope someone will pick it up because it’s so cheerful.

And if you haven’t yet been officially awarded, you're free to use the version without the text. I can imagine different kinds of usage. For decoration of course, or perhaps it could replace stars if you're making reviews. Or why not mark out particularly cheerful posts with a piggie, so blog readers who are desperate for something up-beat easily can spot it in the sea of melancholy and apathy that is floating around at the moment.

The piggies saved my week, that’s for sure. Big thanks to BBB and Tesh!


Saga said...

They're absolutely adorable! A piglet is cute as it is - but a piglet with pink pigtails is just.. pure awesome :)

Eccentrica said...

What a lovely thing that Bear and Tesh did. That did brighten my morning. The compliment paid to you is well deserved.

You're one of the lights in the darkness Larisa and I hope you feel better soon.

Shintar said...

I saw that post and was wondering whether you would pick up on the name "Piggie"! That Tesh made such a cute graphic for it only makes it all the sweeter. :)

Rebecca said...

I'm certainly going to be adding the piggie graphic to our about page where your kind words about us are found :D

Kudos to Tesh and BBB for picking up/running with such a cute way of representing your awards.

I hope your week picks up :S

Rhii said...

Those are adorable! :D They'd brighten my day too.

Redbeard said...

That's too cute to barbecue. Darn.

Runzwithfire said...

lol they're adorable, definitely brightened up my evening XD

Big Bear Butt said...

Big hugs to yuo, Larisa, I'm glad you felt some encouragement.

I'm doubly grateful to Tesh for bringing his great art into play. :)

Awww... it's so cute!

Perdissa said...

Mmmm... Bacon!

SpiritusRex said...

Hmm, looks like they're tameable, too. Boar's speed for the win!

Nikodhemus said...

Piggie... YAY! But, I think at this point we are all curious as to what's been bothering you. Not wanting to pressure you (and, c'mon, its not as if I know you personally aside from your blog) but I think it is the intrinsic nature OF a blog, to express what is on your mind...

;) Head up!