Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I facepalmed before getting the mount of my dreams

Sunday night offered a mixed bag of WoW moments.

It started with a huge /facepalm, one of the worse “I’m an idiot”-realisations that I can remember from my years of playing. However it ended with a beautiful ride where the hero rides off into the sunset. All is well that ends well, isn’t that the saying?

Facepalm moment
But let’s start on the bad side.

Have you ever felt stupid in WoW? I mean REALLY stupid, angry with yourself for being incredibly thoughtless and careless and what-not? This was one of those occasions.

It was initiated by a spontaneous application from a mage, posted on our forums, as all apps are. I had a look at his Armory profile and was a little bit concerned with one of his choices of glyphs. It wasn’t the standard one which EJ recommended, at lest last time I checked them out. But I wanted to be sure, so I went to my own profile to have a look at my glyphs. And that’s when I got the shock.

I was specked arcane, but my main glyphs were intended for a frost spec! No kidding. Where I expected to find Arcane Blast and Arcane Missils, I stared in disbelief at improvements of Frostbolt and my non-existent Water Element!

I don’t want to think about for how long this has been the case. It’s for long, that’s for sure. I remember experimenting a bit with a second arcane spec, which replaced a frost offspec that I put up with the intention to see if I was capable of aoe-farming (which never came any further than to an idea). I can clearly see why and when the mix-up happened.

Not having your main nukes glyphed is a massive downer, and I feel really horrible about it. Our guild is doing hardmodes, for crying out loud! We’re bringing pots and flasks and buff food, squeezing out every little inch of dps we can. And I make a major error like this? It’s on par – or worse – than not using the maximum rank of a spell.

However you can’t change the past by dwelling on it, sulking and hitting yourself in the head. What’s done is done and what counts is that I’ve fixed it and that I’ve learned my lesson. From now on I’ll be paranoid about checking my glyphs.

Ulduar hardmodes
Let’s move on to the pleasant part of Sunday night, the sunset.

As always on Sunday nights we were gathering a 10-man raid to go and grab some more hardmodes and achievements in ICC, where our goal is to get mounts to everyone. We have quite a few already but since especially the ranged dps has to rotate a lot, some of us still are missing out a couple of achievements.

This Sunday night first seemed to be a disappointing no-go, since one of our tanks had technical issues and couldn’t log into the game. We were left with 9 raiders, no main-spec tank and one off-spec tank. Not be best setting for ICC hardmodes, not even with the 30 percent buff.

We didn’t let this stop us though. One of our dps:ers switched to an alt paladin, geared for tanking, and off we went to Ulduar, to do some hardmodes for the Rusted Proto-Drake.

First off was Firefighter. How much hadn’t I heard about that fight? Supposedly about the hardest one you could find in Wrath. And I’m sure it was back in time before everyone was overgeared. Now we got him down on second try, and it really isn’t much to brag about. But nevertheless it was really fun to run around in a sea of fire, looking out for dangers coming from all directions. “Don’t stand in fire” has definitely got a new meaning after seeing this fight.

When we were about to face General Vezax, our ordinary tank had managed to come online, so we did him quick enough with a full group before we moved on to Yogg-Saron.

Last time I faced him was back in January in a 25-man group, when we went back to finish the legendary mace. And before that it had been ages since I set my foot in Ulduar. So it felt slightly awkward to try to remember this fight, now with added difficulty, such as not having any access to sanity wells. It turned out to be as fun and chaotic as I remembered – or even better – in this spiced-up version. We didn’t have to struggle too badly though, and after a few tries I could see him go down.

Oh, the joy! Sure, we were way overgeared and I’m perfectly aware of that it doesn’t give me any bragging rights, at least not compared to what it would have one year ago. But nevertheless – it always gives me a nice feeling to tick of another check box, to reach completion of a goal. My Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement was finished and a brand new proto-drake was awaiting me in the mail box.

I added it to my collection, headed for the flight point in Dalaran and took of into the night. The model was the same as my seasonal-achievements-mount, but the colour was more down-to-earth, rust instead of purple.

Isn’t it a bit funny by the way? A brand new dragon that comes full of rust. Reminds me a bit of the denim trousers that are sold worn out, complete with holes and everything.

I’m totally happy about it though, and it will surely become my mount by default. At least until I get the ICC one.

My next goal
What remains now for me now is to get the hardmodes in ICC I’m missing for the mount and to kill Algalon. Yeah, and Halion. Due to my vacation I haven’t made it into any of those raids yet. After that I think I’ll consider myself pretty much done with Wrath, ready to face whatever lies ahead of us in Cataclysm.

I know one thing for sure though. In Cataclysm I’ll see to that I always have the right glyphs.


Bas Meeuwissen said...

Ouch, Larissa... :X


Perdissa said...

I feel the facepalm moment brings another lesson. That min-maxing gear/ spec/ gems/ enchants/ glyphs doesn't make as much difference to your dps as people tend to think. (Gevlon would agree?)

A lot of the time, what is more important is thinking on your feet, staying alive, and knowing when to do what in individual fights.

Fitz said...

I just found out last month that your spells in your offspec do not uptick in ranks when you train. I was casting rejuvenation for 300 health at level 70. Embarrassing.

Gratz on ripping through Ulduar. I definitely wish I could see Algalon sometime but doubt it will be before cata as we have trouble with Yogg+4.

Tam said...

Oops. Usually when I make a stupid mistake I claim it as evidence that I'm imba :) Actually I got my holy glyphs and my disc glyphs muddled up once *shame*.

And massive grats on the rusty protodrake. Artfully aged is terribly fashionable, I understand :)

Mousematt said...

Oh boy, I spent the good part of 3 weeks making a very similar mistake. You see, I had got to the stage of ICC where there were only one or two upgrades for me, and thus, I didn't really look at my character page that often.

So, I was slightly shocked to be standing in Dalaran one day, when I get a whisper off a random person. "Hey, where did you get that [Super simian sphere]?"

So I thought to myself, "How does he know I have one of those... oh god, wait..."

And wouldn't you know it, I'd had the damn trinket equipped, and had done for at least 3 weeks.

It was something that I tried to quickly sweep under the rug, well, that was until my other half decided to broadcast this little fact to the whole of the guild.

I think you could have illuminated a dark room with my glowing red face.

The MouseMatt - a WoW blog about playing as a couple.

(*Gasp* Very shameless plug)

Larísa said...

@Moon: I know!

: Hehe... maybe. But after all the arcane blast glyph is a flat +3 percent damage buff. that's quite a lot. My comfort is though that I haven't been raiding much at all during this time. And the ICC buff is huge. When we fail at encounters it's normally not about damage, not beating the enrage timer. it's other issues.

@Fitz: That is annoying too. There's a spellrank watch addon that can detect that. But I don't know if there's any addon that can find out about wearing wrong glyphs.

@Tam: Thanks! It's really a beauty. and probably fashionable as well!

: oh, another blog! Welcome to the wow blogosphere! It looks promising.

I probably would do wiser to just shut up about it, pretending it didn't happen, rather than shouting it out to the world like I do now. However I have the feeling I might not be the only one, so I wrote about it anyway. Maybe it can comfort someone else that other players make really stupid things too.

Stumps said...

Ahh bless Larisa, I've done the glyphs thing and I daresay so have a lot of other people. It's more common you might think, as is not using max spell/ability rank, particularly when you switch to offspec. I had Engli's mod to thank for showing that on my hunter =p

Congratulations on Firefighter...I remember doing it and, easy or not, it's still a brilliantly designed encounter.

Frostys said...

Since glyph are not that visible unless you check this tab of your spec, I class these kind of misstake along my numerous ToC 5 lance tanking, berserker stance raid tanking and the always famous partial dps gear raid tanking.

Well either that or I am an idiot...

Syl said...

I agree with Stumps...it could be a lot worse. For example you could still have your PVP weapons equipped while trying to kill Sindragosa........I wonder who that was!


BigFire said...

For the most part, ICC mount achievement isn't that hard. Some of it you'll get by default (boned, I'm on a boat). Some of them are just plain stupidly stupid (all you can eat, the deathwhisper one). But If I manage to snag one, you too can.

Larísa said...

@Stumps and Syl: Thanks for not bashing me... publicly at least :)
I admitted it to someone in the guild before blogging about it and it seems that I'm probably not the first person on Earth to make this mistake. It bugs me a bit that it took me so long to notice. I guess the slow summer pace with not that much of raiding made it worse.

@Frostys: yeah, the glyphs are definitely less visible than other things. I've made the ToC lance mistake too, but I tend to find it out pretty quickly, since I check out my gear and swap around those pieces much more often.

@BigFire: I'm more than half done. I think I miss... hm... four achievments. The end bosses in each wing + Sindragosa achievement. I know those aren't exactly the easiest ones, but I have good hopes to get it done eventually. There's already a bunch of people in the guild that have completed them all.

zetter said...

Firefighter still has to be one of the most fun fights in the whole of Wrath. So many chances to die or blow the whole thing.
Also I managed to heal most of the level 80 dungeons in wrath with level 70 spells as I hadnt updated clique all the time I was leveling :).


Lerbic said...

I did the glyph thing a while back, and worse still, it wasnt even me that noticed it, but someone else !!!

Leah said...

Maybe its age thing? (sorry, just kidding :P )

I've done the same thing :/ on my warlock I switched out of my pvp affliction spec to pve demonology and for a few days I actually thought that my addons were borked or something because I wasn't seeing lifetap buff. until I thought to check my glyphs. /facepalm

grats on a drake! :)

Chimpeh said...

If it makes you feel better I can give you a personal example of stupidity that includes both Ulduar and an attempt at expirementing with my class.

I play a Holy Paladin as my main and during late Naxxramas I decided to have some fun with Holy Light stop cast macro's so I could actually conserve some mana in harder upcoming (Ulduar) content plus the paladin nerfs to illumination and what not.

Anyway I happily plucked a macro of the internet and started using it non stop and just forgot about it. Then a few months later, as we were already doing some hardmodes in Ulduar I have a look at my recount and notice that a paladin in the raid had his holy lights hit for 2-3k more. To resolve this mystery I had a chat with him talking about the possibillities. His last suggestion was: Are you sure you're using the highest rank of Holy Light?

Turns out the macro I copied was using rank _9_ instead of rank _13_. Fortunately I'm a paladin and spend most of my time overhealing or I would've been holding my guild back in raids for about 2-3 months. Guess I could blame my fellow healers for not caring about the meters enough, as it's not like I was falling behind.

Grumpy Dorf said...

That's a classic Larisa - my usual facepalms are forgetting to take my chef's hat off before i start tanking ICC. How funny it must be for mobs to see this crazed dwarf running towards them sporting a rather nasty looking axe, a solid shield and a pristinely white chef's hat atop my head!! CMON!!!!!

Larísa said...

@Zetter: that must have given good practice if nothing else! You had to work for it!

@Lerbic: well, it feels slightly better to find it yourself. But I'm still kind of embarassed.

@Leah: I bet it is (age) :)
And thanks!

@Chimpeh: Thanks for sharing. As far as I know of you don't need to include the ranks in macros nowadays, it takes the highest automaticall, right?

@Grumpy Dorf: hehe... that's a reason why it's a good idea to actually display heads. I've had a couple of runs wearing my fisher hat and I'm probably not alone... But I still can't make myself showing it. They're all so plain ugly.