Monday, April 7, 2008

Larísa's Corner - now in English!

Well... I've had this blog for a while in Swedish, and I' find that I'm getting more and more frustrated about hardly having any readers of it at all. The Swedish wow blog community seem to be almost non existing, or maybe they all blog in English. For all my searching, I've so far only managed to find one decent Swedish wow blog, not much to build a community on.

Actually I'm a bit surprised at my own reaction about not having any readers. From the beginning I thought I only wrote for my own pleasure, but lately I've come to the conclusion that I need a little more than that. I don't need a huge crowd of fans, I don't plan to become the new Matticus or make my way into Wowinsider, but at least I want some kind of feedback now and then, just in order to know that I'm not sharing my heart and soul, tearing myself inside out just into pure silence and darkness.

So at last (probably too late, considering the amount of double work it will give me), I've made up my mind - I'm going to switch the language into English!

It will take some time before the transition is done, so you'll have to be patient with me. And you'll also have to accept that my English is far from perfect, regarding spelling and grammar. But hopefully my writing is good enough to give a fairly good idea about what I'm trying to say. I simply hope that I'll from now on will get a few more comments and changes of thoughts with other players than I've managed to get so far.

Obviously it's quite a huge project. After two months of blogging, I've made some 50 posts, and many of them are rather (too) long. Still I feel it would be a waste just leaving them the way they are. So in the next few weeks I probably won't write as many new posts as I've done previously. But I'll try to give you a new one now and then, and when I do they'll from now on be in English, right from the beginning. Instead my efforts will be concentrated into translating the old posts into English, starting with the last one, slowly working my way backwards into the archive all the way back to February 3, when it all began. I'll also try to change headlines and cathegorys step by step.I'll also try to find a decent name for the blog. Right now I call it Larisa's corner but suggestions for a better name are more than welcome.

I hope the few Swedish readers I have (seven a day on average, according to Feedburner statistics) won't mind too much. Since the game is in English in the first place I guess you won't have any trouble understanding it. I'm sorry you won't get as much new content in the Larísa blog as you're used to for a while, but maybe it will pay off eventually - I think getting some kind of exchange with the international wow blogging community, getting more comments and discussion, will make the blog more interesting in the long run.

And last but not least I want to send my thanks to one of my absolute favourite bloggers, /hug. Your enthusiastic comments to my comments on your excellent blog have inspired to take this step. Eventually you'll be able to read my pieces of writing as well as I'm reading yours!



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