Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When I wipe there’s pinkish

Isn’t it just a beautiful sentence? When I wipe there’s pinkish.

It sort of summons what happens when a female gnome is torn into pieces of a mean raid boss. There’s pinkish. Not even blood – we sort of evaporate – I can see it in front of me.

It wasn’t I who came up with it. It was Feedburner who gave it to me, when I last checked about the visitors of The Pink Pigtail Inn, wondering where they all came from.

A growing number of hits come from Google searches. Since I’ve been around a little while now it seems like I’m advancing in the hit list hierarchy, don’t ask me why though, but it works that way.

And someone had apparently turned up on The Pink Pigtail Inn after a search for “When I wipe there’s pinkish”. I imagine it was a housekeeper having some trouble when cleaning the floors. Probably he or she pretty soon found out that there wasn’t much information on that kind if wipes to find here. Still. The sentence is brilliant.

Some searches are more on the spot. Those make me happy – I feel that I can deliver what’s asked for. “Skipping SSC for mount Hyjal”. Fine. Zakesh wrote about that a little while ago. “Mages pros and cons.” Horray! It lead to one of my first posts in March, which probably very few have read so far since it was originally in Swedish and later painstakingly translated to English. I'm glad someone found it. I hope you enjoyed it!

Then there are a few relevant searches where I unfortunately was unable to provide anything useful.

“Organizing a 25 man raid”. I’m afraid not. So far I’m a participant and not an organizer. But one day, who knows?

“Black Temple kill order skippable bosses”. Nope. Perhaps Zakesh can come up with something about that.

“Formula for suneater drop”. Does that exist? I guess you just run Mechanar so many times that you hate the place and then you run it again. And again. A formula? No idea what that would be.

The most common search without any competition is “Prepare for WotLK”. This tells me something. Even though we sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information from the Beta flowing through the blogs right now, there’s a good reason for it. People are craving for that kind of information. I’m afraid you’ll have to look in vain for it at The Pink Pigtail Inn. I’m not preparing at all, which I’ve said before, I’m just happily continuing to play the game as it is. I even haven’t got any Beta key, though almost every other blogger seems to have got one, so I haven’t got any juicy gossip to share.

Another category is the ones looking for advice about hairdressing and make up. “Pigtail different ways” is one of them. “How to use cuteness to my advantage” is another one. While I did write about the advantage of picking a cute character in the game I don’t really think that’s what the googling person was looking for. And I seriously wonder what the one searching for “Pigtail heaven” was after.

I like this one: “what color hair for my gnome rogue black or pink”. If you need advice for such a decision, I feel pretty sorry for you when it’s time to pick gear, talents and professions. Poor guy.

Last but not least there was one search that made me a bit upset and I just can’t understand how he or she could end up on The Pink Pigtail Inn. It’s a complete Google Failure.

“Female gnomes are ugly”.

No, they’re NOT. Get out! Use the backdoor and stay away from here. There are places out there for gnome haters like you. Go to BG, gank someone in STV, but stay away from here! THIS is the Pigtail heaven.


Mae said...

I think I should sigh up for feedburner so I can see this stuff!! Oh, and I couldn't agree more, female mages do evaporate into a puff of pink when we die to a raid boss!! =P

Rohan said...

I feel kind of bad about doing this, as you are so obviously enchanted by the phrase.

Regarding "When I wipe there’s pinkish", type that into Google and see what comes up in the search. It doesn't reference what you think it references.

Larísa said...

Oh oh

Still I think it's a lovely description of what happens when I die. That's one of the things I love about writing and playing with words and sentences - how very differently a few words can be interprated, depending on the context. It's our minds that give the words a meaning.

And in my WoW infected mind this is about slaughter at a raid boss.
I'm still enchanted. :)

gnomeaggedon.net said...

I know read “Mages pros and cons.” but that was ages ago.. before I started blogging myself.

And I have a feeling someone came to my site as looking for Gnome hair colour advice too...

My advice to them, if they ever come back is... go green (everyone is doing it these days)

gnomeaggedon.net said...

Ohh now I remember one that tickled my fancy "Best class for Gnome, Mage or warlock"

Umm you came to a Mage blog, so the answer must be obvious.. and we all have so much fun.. even when there are bucket loads of "pinkish" around

krizzlybear said...

OMG LOL @rohan

I didn't even think about it that way until you mentioned it.

Actually, now I can't associate the word "wipe" with "raid" anymore...sigh, lmao.

Cynra said...

And when I see that phrase, I sadly think of someone wiping his tush and seeing blood or something.

For the longest time, I had people finding my site using some weird phrase that didn't appear on my site. It had something to do with a distracted woman playing World of Warcraft and I'm loathe to put the phrase on this site in case it'll garner the wrong sort of crowd for you but I think you get the picture.

I've also got people finding my site searching for former MMORPG game masters, which is really odd because I don't think that I've ever mentioned on my site that I used to be a GM on one of the most popular free Ultima Online servers back in the day.

loronar said...

@rohan — BAD! =( I didn't want that image in my head.

@larísa — Suprisingly, one of the most consistent referrals into my site is from you. Thanks for the continued linkage!

Josh Augustine said...

haha, one of the most fun posts I've read in awhile. Well done!

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