Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Rounds on Me!

I've been a patron of the Pink Pigtail Inn for a long time now.

I have:
  • Stoked the fires
  • Started the odd barroom brawl
  • Drunk the inn dry on many an occasion and found myself having to go back through all those empty glasses looking for that last drop to savor.
The Innkeeper has been a shoulder to cry on (luckily we are both Gnomes, so that's not so hard).

I have spent so much time in this place that I can tell when the innkeeper is having a hard day.

On those occasions I like to pick up the empties and refill them myself.

The barkeeper has been a welcome addition, new perspectives new tales.

The shouted debates across the barroom between the Innkeeper and the barkeeper are a sight to behold, even when my glass is empty.

There are few places in Azeroth as welcoming or thought provoking.

Long before Dalaran's sanctuary zones, this Inn was a place for people of all classes, specs, races
and factions to gather around a brew and share their exploits.

You may have noticed that is no player housing in WoW, only public houses.

It's the Inns of Azeroth that provide respite, the welcoming glow of a warm hearth and the steady flow of ale and stories alike, and of course the hot Gnome chicks...

As the season to be jolly /silly approaches, I'd like to ask you to join me in raising your glass to the
fine keepers of this Inn...

Ohhh wait on, my glass is empty again...
Oi, You, Waddeveryanameisagain, gis another brew...
Ok, ready folks?

Glasses charged?

Here's to the fine keepers of the Pink Pigtail Inn, and the wonderful patrons (of whom I would have to be the most wonderfulest of course)!

Three cheers for the Gnome!

Hic Hic Hooray!

Hic Hic Hooray!

Hic Hic Hooray!

Gnomer and Out!

No, no, don't throw me out... I thought you loved it when I danced on the tables... You are Larisa
the Merrymaker aren't you.... don't you like me in my Xmas outfit, whoa there, put that Arcane Blast away...

This has been a Gnomely Xmas post by Gnomeaggedon!


Kromus said...

I liked the writing style, it helped the pace and excitement of it all!

Wait, waiter, there is a fly in my soup. I wanted a soulshard in mine, sort it.

oh the Inn doesn't have a waiter, hmm, seems a bit too formal, does that mean Elnia does all the cooking 8-)?

B_Dragon said...

Because I'm a very quiet visitor - I enter the Inn quietly everyday to check out the newest gossip or barroom brawl - I don't believe the rest of the patrons know me.

But I'll still raise my mug to the Innkeeper and Bartender...


- Aenur of Hydraxis

Klepsacovic said...

*Drink troll wanders in*
Gimmah drink! And none of that conshured shtuff. Real!
Lemme tell you about majshish... they all want to be shamish but they have no mail... and theys always crying about blink... our women can't blink and let me tell you about troll women they're always...
*passes out*

Elnia said...

@Kromus. Actually, I do in fact do all the cooking. As for the fly in the soup, be quiet please or the rest will be wanting one too.

Stabs said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

As an occasional drinker in this fine establishemnt, i too, like to slide into the corner and sit watching the threats/counter threats/fireballs fly, sometimes injecting comments to inflame the drinkers into random acts of violence. This is my job, I am a troll....

Happy Xmas, good cheer to all

Cacknoob (slightly drunk)

Larísa said...

Chasing you out with an arcane blast?

Would I do that to one of my longest, dearest customers? What do you think of me?

The presense of Gnomeaggeddon is as essential to the inn as the fireplace. And since I've turned my back to the fire spec once again, picking frost as an offspec, you're definitely the one who's responsible for keeping the fire going here. It would become a rather cold place without your sparking ignite.

So thank you for tending to the fireplace and thanks for speaking up, adding to the Merry Christmas atmosphere of The Pink Pigtail Inn.


Arkaneena said...

Here, here cheers, cheers

Llyrra said...

As a regular of the PPI, I too offer cheers and good tidings to the Innkeep and Barkeep and all the other patrons.

And a /21pawsalute to Larisa for all the cheer you always give to the four legged patrons looking for scraps at the kitchen's back door! Merry Christmas!

Carra said...

I wish those chairs at the bar are all gnome sized.

Gnome only club!

Prelimar said...

i am late to this party, my apologies to the hostess. i was invited by the gnome with the green hair and the wonderous toasting style. (i DO hope it's ok he spilled the beans... this isn't a private party, is it?) HIC!

in all seriousness, i've been reading and lurking for awhile now, and gnomeageddon mentioned your fine magey blogness and he was right... lots to ponder and savor going on here. /raising glass


Tessy said...

Hip Hip Hooray!

*raises glass*

Happy Holidays everyone!

Kestrel said...

Hear! Hear!