Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nominate your favourites to The Pink Pigtail Inn list of 2009!

Less than one month remains of 2009 and it’s time to make some reflections. What will we remember from this year? Which were the highlights? What failures will we remember most?

A year ago I made up a list-of-the year, covering the events in WoW and the WoW community 2008, where I appointed “winners” of a number of categories. The list was made for my own amusement, based only on my own views.

This year I’m planning for a continuation, turning this into a tradition. However I would like to give the opportunity to the readers of The Pink Pigtail Inn to contribute.

Below I have listed the categories of the 2008 list. I invite you to make nominations to for those categories – or to suggest candidates for new ones you would like to see.

Make your suggestions, preferably with a motivation in a comment to this post or send an e-mail at larisascorner at gmail dot com. Of course you can nominate yourself! Just give me a good reason for it.

The jury still consists of Larísa. I'll also listen to what my bartender has to say about this, but your opinion will also influence my decisions.

The category winners will get fame and honour, a special seat at The Pink Pigtail Inn and a virtual toast.

  • Best raid instance
  • Least successful raid instance
  • Silliest gold sink
  • Most longed for instance
  • Most juicy guild drama
  • Biggest addition to the game
  • Best quest
  • Ugliest tabard
  • Favourite non combat pet
  • Most charming Blizzard employee
  • Best podcast
  • Biggest blog facelift
  • Most memorable blog post
  • Most noticed blogger breakthrough
  • Most solid content provider
  • Most hugged blogger


blueberrytotem said...

Best raid instance
- Ulduar, by far the best so far in the game

Least successful raid instance
ToC. Was gonna say Naxxramas, but your ole Naxx provided some more fun.

Silliest gold sink
Dalaran Rings

Most longed for instance
Icecrown Citadel, followed closely by Ulduar

Most juicy guild drama

Biggest addition to the game

Best quest
Gonna go with the questline to discover Bronzebeard is not as dead as we thought. Great lore bomb!

Ugliest tabard

Favourite non combat pet
Pandaren Monk hands down

Most charming Blizzard employee
Tom Chilton. Oh wait. No. Ghostcrawler!

Best podcast
Do not follow those much

Biggest blog facelift
New to blogosphere, N/A

Most memorable blog post
Actually, think Boub's post on reliability of sources and the various followups around blogosphere seems to me as the most memorable.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough

Most solid content provider
World of Matticus

Most hugged blogger
I'd go with Miss Medicina I think

Pangoria Fallstar said...

•Most longed for instance
I want to do Occulus. People who don't like it were just in bad groups. I was in a beautiful group the first time I did it, and I never got to do it again. Got the Heroic and Regular Achievement at the same time.

•Best podcast
The Instance, with Scott and Randy. Best WoW podcast out there.

•Most memorable blog post
Tobold is Gevlon

•Most solid content provider
Three-way tie between Tobold, Gevlon and Larisa.

•Most hugged blogger
Not me, but I wish I got more hugs! Go give me hugs!

Monsieur said...

Best raid instance
Ulduar, its great :)

Least successful raid instance
I could agree with TOC, but I really feel the most sorry for those loreless, pvpgeargathering fools in VOA.

Silliest gold sink
The vendor mats for the chopper.

Most longed for instance
Icecrown I guess, but I'm not sure, I tend to forget my longings after the first minor patch after release.

Most juicy guild drama
Ooo, i dunno :)

Biggest addition to the game

Best quest
Oh, I cant decide right now, so I'll just give a vote for the Bronzebeard chain :)

Ugliest tabard
Wyrmcrest accord! It messes with my looks, and I had to wear it.

Favourite non combat pet
Onyxia whelpling is great

Most charming Blizzard employee

Best podcast
Err..I'll go with the tankspot ones.

Biggest blog facelift
When Jong added some Megan to the face.

Most memorable blog post
The one when healing way quit blogging /cry

Most noticed blogger breakthrough
How do you measure that? :D I'll go for lifeingroup5. Instant hit!

Most solid content provider
Oooo, i dont know. Gnomageddon :D

Most hugged blogger

Ruhtra said...

Alright so you lured me out of hiding to make a comment, which by the way love this idea!

Best Raid/Instance: Ulduar - I think it was/is a little harder than people give it credit for.

Least Successful Raid/Instance: Occulus - No one wanted to run it because of the drakes which it is really not that bad.

Silliest Gold Sink: Choppers - But I want one.

Most Longed for Raid/Instance - New Icecrown content.

Most Juicy Guild Drama: Been there and done that.

Biggest Addition to Game: Duel Spec

Best Quest: Sceptor of the Shifting Sands

Ugliest Tabard: Kirin Tor

Favorite Non-Combat Pet: Core Hound Pup

Most Charming Blizzard Employee: Do not know any of them :P

Best Podcast: Do not follow them.

Biggest Blog Facelift: I cannot remember any.

Most Memorable Blog Post: Gevlon's clearing Ulduar in Blues.

Most Noticed Blogger Breakthrough: Righteous Orbs

Most Solid Content Provider: Honor's Code

Most Hugged Blogger: Ummm, no clue.

RatherNotSay said...

Sorry, but I posted a response on my site:

I hope that was permisable (did I just make up another new word)?

Tamarind said...

Weeeee! Games! There were a couple of these I really had no idea about, so I, err, ignored them.

Best raid instance
Ulduar! Ulduar! Ulduar!

Least successful raid instance
TotC, bloody bloody Totc!

Best quest
I'm genuinely having a hard time choosing...I rather like Escaping the Mist in Borean Tundra because you get to save a pretty girl cow from Coleridge (well ... all that Rime of the Ancient Mariner misty stuff anyway).

Ugliest tabard
I personally dislike the UC tabard - it has a weeping goth on the front, for heaven's sake.

Favourite non combat pet
Wolvar orphan!

Biggest blog facelift
Errr...I read most blogs through a reader so I have no idea what they look like half the time. The new is mighty shiny.

Most memorable blog post
Errr...Larisa, this is impossible! I've read so many wonderful blog posts I really couldn't pick out one blog, let alone one blog post!

Oh wait - I can - how about Landscapes of the Heart by Elnia here? ( That was one of the most moving blog posts I think I've ever read.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough

Most solid content provider
Well, as a healer I am naturally biased but I don't know what I'd do without Miss Medicina. But if I was more 'serious' about raiding, I'd have to pick Beru from Falling Leaves and Wings. And for a wider perspective on gaming as a whole then it would have to be Spinks.

Most hugged blogger
I hug Rhii from a lot, but you yourself are very huggable. As is Gnomeaggedon but that might just be because he's small and can't get away.

Shintar said...

Best raid instance: Ulduar, hands down. It's large, it's epic, it's full of lore!

Least successful raid instance: I'll have to say Eye of Eternity for this one. I might not like TotC much, but I still found myself running it five times a week sometimes, so that's success, right? On the other hand nobody ever seems to want to go back to EoE once they've beat Malygos from what I've seen; it's harder to get a group for it than for any other raid. I think it's because of the damn drakes.

Silliest gold sink: Motorbikes, because I don't like the noise they make. At least the mammoths have a practical use with their vendors.

Most longed for instance: Icecrown, obviously!

Biggest addition to the game: the new LFG tool.

Favourite non-combat pet: the giant sewer rat.

Most memorable blog post: Gevlon's blue Ulduar, hands down! I think that will be talked about for years to come.

Most solid content provider: Spinks - lots of updates and always interesting.

Carra said...

*Biggest addition to the game: Achievements (technically 2008) and of course Dual Spec
*Least successful raid instance: Oculus indeed
*Most successful raid instance: none really stood out this year
*Silliest gold sink: mammoths
*Favorite non combat pet: still is my snowshoe rabbit, new pets can't even get close!
*Most memorable blog post: I'll have to think a bit about this one
*Most noticed blogger breakthrough: Gevlons
*Most solid content providerl: Tobold

Shy said...

Best raid instance
- Ulduar by far - love the story in that raid. Also, not a mountain of trash, but still a challenge

Least successful raid instance
- ToC - booooooring

Silliest gold sink
- mounts, mounts, and more mounts

Most longed for instance
- Icecrown - I turned of House for this!!

Biggest addition to the game
- achievements

Best quest
- The Hyldnir thing where you harpoon things from the back of a bird

Ugliest tabard
- they're all ugly

Favourite non combat pet
- Eggbert

Most charming Blizzard employee
- hmmm

Larísa said...

Wow, so many good suggestions! It will be harder - and easier this year. More good ideas, but they're so good, so how to decide?

totem: Ghostcrawler won this category last year. I haven't made up my mind if you can win the same class two years after each other, but I'm leaning towards that you can't. Otherwise some categories will be subscribed for and that isn't so fun. But we'll see when I make my final list.

Fallstar: You've started a campaign for winning one of the categories! What a brilliant move! Go for it! We'll see how far it can bring you.

: I didn't even know that Tankspot had a podcast as well. And thanks for pointing me to Life in group 5. I had never heard of that either. This list thing turns out to be a good source of informationf or me!

@Ruhtra: you really fell in love with that new pet instantly! I guess the surprise moment added to it! Some good other suggestions you had as well. Gevlon's blue post is definitely be competing for the top spot in that category.

: of course it's absolutely OK to post suggestions on your own blog!And it made me giggle. "Biggest Addition To The Game - Without a doubt, me!"
I loved that one!

: I'm huggable? Yay! Gief more hugs!

@Shintar: Best pet - the sewer rat? I bet you have it! Now I'm envoious!

@Carra: a lot of votes for dual spec. I think it will be hard to beat that one. And yes, I had achievements in that category last year.

@Shy: ALL tabards ugly? I actually liked the Argent Dawn one I think I got during the invasion event last autumn. But yes, generally tabards ARE ugly Don't know why it's so hard to make a good looking one.

THANKS also to Leyo, druid from Turalyon-EU, who sent me his suggestions in an e-mail.

All contributions will be considered, no matter if it's in a comment, on your own blog or in a mail.

Hatch said...

Best raid instance: Ulduar. Icecrown might be better, but we won't know that for sure for months. It took the lore, art, fight design, and fun of WoW raiding to it's highest level yet, by a large margin.

Least successful raid instance: ToC will win this by a landslide. It was a one-room, trashless, boring stalling tactic so they could spend more time making ICC.

Silliest gold sink: Depends what you mean by "silliest". I LOVE the motorcycle, but it wins on both counts: it's goofy, plus it's WAY too expensive for what you get.

Most longed for instance: ICC! We've been waiting to kill Arthas for eight years now!

Most juicy guild drama: I have this nagging suspicion something really hilarious happened to a famous guild this year, but damned if I can remember it now.

Biggest addition to the game: Ulduar.

Best quest: Wrathgate, unless that was technically last year. In which case, Quel'delar.

Ugliest tabard: Purple with a green skull.

Favourite non combat pet: PANDAREN! I want pandarens in the game so bad!

Most charming Blizzard employee: GhostCrawler, handily.

Best podcast: Normally I'd give this to Blue Plz without question, but Rawrcast was such a great up-and-comer this year that I have to vote for them.

Biggest blog facelift: The Rawrcast blog.

Most memorable blog post: Ixo's trip to Blizzard.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough: Pfft that's easy: Gevlon.

Most solid content provider: Syp over at Bio Break, though Tobold and Larisa give him a run for his money.

Most hugged blogger: Larisa by a landslide. :)

Here's to another year of fun!

Hatch said...

I'm sorry: the Kirin Tor tabard is the ugliest tabard.

Eus said...

Best Raid Instance: Ulduar, because it can be a challenge, and I LOVE it

Least Successful Rain Instance: Occ, I really think it's easier than some think, but what do I know...

Silliest Gold Sink: Mounts

Most Longed For Instance: H SFK, OMG OMG OMG, cannot wait

Most Juicy Guild Drama: Don't we all have them from time to time....?

Biggest Addition to the Game: Dual Spec w/o question

Best Quest: Only because of my sick humor, but the one in Northrend where you are an abomination and you run up to groups and explode....HILARIOUS!!! Edyion did that one with me and we laughed our asses off.

Ugliest Tabard: Kirin Tor

Fav Non-combat pet: three way tie for me. I love the Teldrassil Tree because it dances his branches off, but falls asleep when it just becomes too much for him. I also love the Core Hound Pup, he is too cute! I also love the Wolpertinger. Ugly but cute at the same time!

I really don't follow the employees or the podcasts but one blog I am enjoying reading is from Sideshow and Syrana. I am really enjoying the RP series and I keep reading to see what happens to Ol' Rissy.

Most memorable blog moment: Tobold/Gevlon

Most noticed breakthrough blogger: I am going to have to say Fish's blog. I will certainly miss him and thank goodness we are RL friends and Ruhtra works with him but he has gotten to meet face to face with some of the bloggers out there and he got around in the blog community.

Most hugged blogger: (secretly wishing it was me, but my blogs are hit and miss sometimes lol)

Syrana said...

Larísa - I just want to make sure of the deadline for providing you with ideas. I have to do some thinking, since there was sooo much that went on in the past year!

@Eus - Thanks! <3

Larísa said...

@Hatch: oh, Ixo's trip! Epic! I just wish it had ended in Ixo being the most charming employee of Blizzard. Next year?

@Eus: "Most memorable blog moment: Tobold/Gevlon"
That was certain memorable! You didn't even have to explain what you were referring to, just providing their names and we knew. Memorable indeed!

@Syrana: Absolutely no hurry! I wanted to give some notice, but the year hasn't ended yet (although I suspect it will be difficult for ICC to make it's way into the best raid instance class in such a short time). I don't plan to publish the verdict until earliest between Christmas and New Years Day. So if you make your nominations before Christmas you're safe!

Magma said...

Best Quest: Attempting to save Crusader Bridenbrad

Edainne said...

Best Raid Instance -
Ulduar so far gets my vote, though I'm loving what I've seen of ICC. It's so pretty, and gunship battle!!!

Least Successful Raid Instance - Gah, I hated Eye of Eternity. HATED.

Silliest Gold Sink - Dalaran rings, since you can find better nearly every where else.

Most Longed for Instance - Ice Crown Citadel, bar none.

Most Juicy Guild Drama - I've had too much of my own, I can't keep up with everyone else's

Biggest Addition to the Game - Dual Specs and BoA items (pets, rep rewards, leveling gear)

Best Quest - Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! in Borean Tundra. I still haven't turned in that quest on 3 of my characters so when I'm having a crappy day I can go free baby murlocs.

Ugliest Tabard - Wyrmrest is pretty visually atrocious, though the Undercity's is second in line for that.

Favorite Non-Combat Pet - Oh no! I have nearly 100!! Right now, it's between the Corehound Pup and the Teldrassil Sproutling.

Most Charming Blizz. Employee - I <3 Chris Metzen for making dorks look kind of cool.

Best Podcast - I don't really watch these, though Turpster from makes me giggle.

Biggest Blog Facelift - I've only been a member of the community for a few months, so I'm not sure about this one.

Most Memorable Blog Post - Too hard!! I've just started reading so many good blogs!

Most Noticed Blogger Break Through - For me, it was Miss Medicina

Most Solid Content Provider - I usually get my info from Tankspot/MMO-Champion, etc.

Most Hugged Blogger - I can haz hugz? Peese? /snuggle

P.S. I love this idea, and how much your blog always makes me think, Larísa =D

Carra said...

Oh, the most hugged blogger must be Larissa. There's nothing more huggable than a female gnome with pink pinktails after all.

Jaedia said...

Best raid instance -
Ulduar, well designed, I loved it, it was fun.

Least successful raid instance -

Silliest gold sink -
Motorbike, I bought one just to have it, use it for boosting my bf's alts and when we're heading to ZG or something and he wants to slack

Most longed for instance -
Uldum, I want to see what's in there!

Most juicy guild drama -
Gonna keep that one to myself.. was a bit too far..(and no, not me, but it was a girl.)

Biggest addition to the game -
Turkey pets!

Best quest -
Gonna say Wrathgate, the first time we did it it was just amazing.

Ugliest tabard -
Loremaster's Colors :<

Favourite non combat pet -
Probably the Phoenix

Most charming Blizzard employee -
Guess I don't pay enough attention when the only names I remember are Ghostcrawler and Chris Metzen :p

Best podcast -
*guilty* have yet to listen to any properly, downloaded Hunting Lodge and OutDPS podcasts though.

Biggest blog facelift -
Mostly reading through readers so I couldn't say, that and I'm still fairly new (been around since about August?) Noticed Hunting Lodge had a big theme rehaul though.

Most memorable blog post -
Gonna be anything by Mortigan

Most noticed blogger breakthrough -
Hots & Dots seemed to get popular quite fast, and well deserved at that

Most solid content provider -
For me, OutDPS and Warcraft Hunters Union. Perhaps I could nominate

Most hugged blogger -
Gotta be the pink haired gnome rite? Everybody loves Larísa ^^

Dracomage said...

Great idea!

Best raid instance - Naxx - Just love it
Least successful raid instance - EoE
Silliest gold sink - Still repairing armor
Most longed for instance - The new Icecrown instances
Most juicy guild drama - Building the new healing mace
Biggest addition to the game - Dual spec
Best quest - Wrathgate - EPIC!
Ugliest tabard - Korin Tor
Favourite non combat pet - Sinister pet

lissanna said...

Best raid instance - Ulduar
Least successful raid instance - ToC
Silliest gold sink - Any mammoth without the vendors.
Most longed for instance - Icecrown Citadel!
Most juicy guild drama - *shrug*
Biggest addition to the game - Dudalspecs!
Best quest - New Icecrown 5-man attunement quests.
Ugliest tabard - Exodar
Favourite non combat pet - Mr. Chilly
Most charming Blizzard employee - Ghostcrawler
Best podcast - Twisted Nether
Biggest blog facelift -
Most memorable blog post - The good by post from Resto4Life.
Most noticed blogger breakthrough - Not sure.
Most solid content provider - World of Matticus
Most hugged blogger -

James Holden said...

Silliest Gold Sink: 3000g Portable Hole. And I could not resist strictly because of the D&D reference.

Fitz said...

I wrote an entry in response, but here's the short of it in case you need it here.

1. best - Ulduar
2. least successful - ToC
3. Silly - Haris Pilton Gigantique
4. Most longed for - ICC
5. Most juicy - AIE vent problems
6. Big add - new LFG interface
7. Quest - jousting down the Black Knight
8. tabard - Wrymrest on a female
9. pet - demon penguin
10. Blizz employee - Ghostcrawler
11. podcast - The Instance
12. facelift - Righteous Orbs
13. memorable - "I'm Coming Out" at Arkslaw
14. breakthrough - Gevlon
15. content - PPI
16. hugged - Phaelia

Syrana said...

Ok, I've done some thinking, but am having trouble narrowing my answers down... so I'll give you a few to consider for some of these categories! :)

Best raid instance/
Least successful raid instance:
I'm not much of a raider and saw few of these, so not much to suggest there. If you add a category for biggest raid controversy, maybe Naxx for that.

Silliest gold sink: Well, I've paid around 2000g for rare minipets on the ah >.>

Most longed for instance: Heroic Shadowfang Keep and Heroic Deadmines!

Most juicy guild drama: Martinfury banning maybe... hmm

Biggest addition to the game: This is a toughy since some big additions were added with WotLK which came out at the end of 2008... but I think all the Argent Tournament content and all the Icecrown 5mans and raids were big additions.

Best quest: A Tale of Valor quest line, where you search for Crusader Bridenbrad and eventually his spirit is saved by the naaru rather than him turning into a scourge. It's very touching, especially since it was written to commemorate a Blizzard employee's brother who played WoW and died from cancer.

Ugliest tabard: Explorer tabard is just... ugh.

Favourite non combat pet: I really like my magic broom from the Argent Tournament. Seeing them sweeping in Silvermoon when my blood elves were wee little characters, I always thought it'd be cool to have one of my own... and now I do!

But Stinker is quite adorable too.. especially around the Bombay kitty.

Most charming Blizzard employee: Chris Metzen /swoon

Best podcast: I really enjoy TNB and Rawrcast.

Biggest blog facelift: I believe Nibuca of Mystic Chicanery did a some tweaking and layout changes this year, which look fabulous. I love her blogroll buttons!

Most memorable blog post: I thought of a few...'s investigation into the Ferraro(s), your Sandcastle post, BRK's goodbye, and Phaelia's goodbye.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough: I have a few in mind for this one as well... Tamarind is hilarious and became noticed quickly, Killing 'em Slowly has certainly grown this year, Kromus' webcomics at Dungeons and Draenei, and I'd even say my blog since we've really grown throughout our first year!

Most solid content provider: Spinksville. Frequent posting, multigaming interests, lots of thoughtful posts too. And Gnomeaggedon! He posts regularly and often has epic length posts that are full of information and humor.

Most hugged blogger: Gnomeaggedon, Pike of Aspect of the Hare, and you!

Jong said...

Best raid instance: Ulduar
Least successful raid instance: ToC
Most longed for instance: Ulduar
Biggest addition to the game: Dual Spec
Best quest: the one you try to save that crusader's life by visiting that druid, dragon queen, and A'dar.
Ugliest tabard: Kirin Tor
Favourite non combat pet: Core Hound Pup
Most memorable blog post: BRK's last post
Most noticed blogger breakthrough: Gevlon
Most solid content provider: Spinksville

Jong said...

Biggest blog facelift: Paladin Schmaladin hired Hoff, Trajer, and Honorshammer.

Christine said...

sweet a new kinda survey idea, I sure like to join in. Thanks for this larissa. I will leave my reply to my blog. Thanks!

Stompalina said...

• Best raid instance: Pit of Saron
• Least successful raid instance: Occulus
• Silliest gold sink: Monocle
• Most longed for instance: Scholomance
• Most juicy guild drama: Exodus’ Hax World First Yogg +0 Kill
• Biggest addition to the game: Naxxramas Revisited
• Best quest: Wrathgate
• Ugliest tabard: Every Tabard is Ugly IMO
• Favourite non combat pet: Disgusting Oozling
• Most charming Blizzard employee: Ghostcrawler!
• Best podcast: Rawrcast
• Biggest blog facelift: Rawrcast
• Most memorable blog post: Rawrcast called the reworking of old world before it was announced.
• Most noticed blogger breakthrough: The Hunting Lodge - Brigwyn
• Most solid content provider: World of Matticus - Matticus
• Most hugged blogger: Brigwyn

thcgirl77 said...

Best raid instance - Ulduar
Least successful raid instance - TOC, boring.
Silliest gold sink - The mammoth from Sons of Hodir
Most longed for instance - the 3 new instances from Icecrown, lore, story and action.
Best quest - The Wrathgate chain, that cinematic gave me goosebumps.
Favourite non combat pet - the yeti

Rhii said...

Best raid instance - Well, mostly I run OS over and over again, so that's what I'll have to vote for. Pfft. Boo on inexperience.

My boyfriend-tank suggests the Icecrown 5mans... we've decided they're not heroics, they're five man raids.

Least successful raid instance - MY least successful raid instance? Naxx. Someone can't safety dance. (blush)

Silliest gold sink - Dalaran Rings
Most longed for instance... if it was gold not champions seals I'd say the Argent Squire's Pony...

Most juicy guild drama - My boyfriend-tank and I stole a guild. We had a mutiny and came out GMs. It's odd, we're morphing to fit the role.

Biggest addition to the game - Achievements

Best quest - Postpartum Aggression. How crazy is it to tame a mammoth and then run into combat with Hemet Nesingwary on the Mammoth's head shooting wildly, and face down a dragon?! It feels like being Indiana Jones.

Ugliest tabard - Kirin Tor. It hurts my eyes.

Favourite non combat pet - Currently, I'm digging my magic broom. I really like the Pint-sized Pink Pachyderm too though.

Most charming Blizzard employee - The GM who Gnomeaggedon wants to buy pizza for.

Best podcast - I'm a podcast slacker.

Biggest blog facelift - the addition of Elnia at PPI!

Most memorable blog post - Tamarind's first time in Ulduar: Flame Leviathan v. Golf Caddy.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough - Righteous Orbs

Most solid content provider - Critical QQ, Euripides has some downtime, but when he's writing he's writing GOOD STUFF.

Most hugged blogger - barely a day goes by that I don't mention something Gevlon, Gnomeageddon or Tamarind said... Often I mention it to non-bloggers or non WoW-ers. I get some funny looks.

armag said...

Favourite non combat pet: Kirin Tor
It took FOREVER so not only did I get the higher learning achievement, I got the pet. I wrote up a set of quick instructions, but didn't post until I finally got it..

spinksville said...

OK, let's see ;)

* Best raid instance

Whilst I think both Ulduar and ICC are excellent, fun instances, my vote goes to Naxxramas.

Why? I know some people felt it was too easy but the smooth learning curve into raiding helped a LOT of new raiders in my guild to get the raiding bug. And it also eased my transition into running 10 mans.

I still find a lot of the bosses to be good fun and the raid where we got the 10 man achievement for downing all the 4 horsemen within 10s of each other was one of my proudest raid leading achievements in this expansion because I figured out the strategy on my own.

Also Ulduar has a strange difficulty jump in the middle. I enjoy the difficulty, but it has been a barrier to more people seeing it.

* Least successful raid instance

Sartharion. Firstly, it's a dull encounter anyway. Secondly the 3 drake version was horribly tuned in the beginning and resulted in lots of DK and druid tanks being first feted and then nerfed. Thirdly, people can now brute force the 3 drake version anyway so those titles became meaningless. Undying in Naxx still means you had some semblence of execution.

* Silliest gold sink

That's easy. The pets that cost real money.

* Most longed for instance

Icecrown Citadel.

* Most juicy guild drama


* Biggest addition to the game

The dungeon tool. It's a game changer. Also shockwave which is awesome.

* Best quest

I've enjoyed a lot of the Wrath quests. Going with the sons of hodir questline because the drakkenride is just that cool.

* Ugliest tabard

No idea. I think the argent crusade one is the best looking, though.

* Favourite non combat pet

Calico cat!!

* Most charming Blizzard employee

No idea. I like Ghostcrawler a lot though.

* Best podcast

Van Hemlock (do general MMO podcasts count?)

* Biggest blog facelift

* Most memorable blog post

* Most noticed blogger breakthrough

Now, I started blogging in January last year (just checked, first real post was Jan 8th so I have an anniversary coming up soon :) ) so I don't know precisely when anyone else did. I'm going with Tamarind though, of Righteous Orbs. I noticed his blog from his post on Blog Azeroth and immediately loved his writing style, so I tried to link across a few times fairly early on. I couldn't be more thrilled to see that he's gotten so popular. It just means people have taste :)

* Most solid content provider

Tricky, because I don't really read blogs for content. I'll say Gevlon (who did post some great thoughts on making gold before he switched focus) or Veneretio at Tanking Tips.

* Most hugged blogger

Hug your pink pigtailed gnome today! And her bartender too!

Happy Christmas, all of you. You've both been a great inspiration to me this year.

Seth said...

This is a great initiative, though I'm not going to post my list since it would be shameless self centered.... (jk)

Lath said...

I put in all my nominations as a separate blog post - hope it isn't too late!

Shayzani said...

Best raid instance - Icecrown. I like the limited areas we have available to us right now more than all of Ulduar.

Least successful raid instance - As miserable as the Coliseum is, Shintar is right that the Eye of Eternity is the least successful. Psychadelic coloring aside, the only difference between the Coliseum and the Eye is that the Eye has only one boss and nobody wants to go kill it.

Biggest addition to the game - Easily the new LFG tool.

Best quest - Quel'delar chain. Being able to enter the restored Sunwell raid instance and stand in front of the actual Sunwell itself is amazing.

Favourite non combat pet - Wolvar orphan

Linedan said...

Best raid instance: Icecrown Citadel, hands down. ICC really puts the epic feel back into raiding. Ulduar's a very close second.

Least successful raid instance: I was going to say ToC because I dislike it so much, but actually, I'll echo some other people and go with Eye of Eternity. It's the Oculus of raids, and not just because it's the same color. People really seem to dislike the flying vehicle fights, I know I do.

Most longed for instance: The Icecrown 5-mans.

Biggest addition to the game: The Looking for Dungeon system. It's revolutionized gearing, it's gotten people back into five-mans at all levels (not just in Northrend), and it's strangely addictive to boot.

Best quest: Still has to be the entire line leading up to the Wrathgate.

Ugliest tabard: Kirin Tor. Seriously, you want my gigantic plate-clad studly Tauren to wear purple? What?

Favourite non combat pet: I'm a traditionalist. Silver Tabby Cat.

Most charming Blizzard employee: Ghostcrawler. I don't always agree with him, but good grief, does he put up with ten times the minimum daily allowance of crap.

Most memorable blog post: Gevlon is Tobold.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough: Tamarind and Chastity at Righteous Orbs. Rarely do you find a blog where every post is going to be insightful, or screamingly funny, or both. They deliver.

Most solid content provider: Spinks at Welcome to Spinksville for general MMO content; for tanking, I say Veneretio at Tanking Tips, Kadomi at Tank Like a Girl, and Tarsus at Tanking for Dummies.

Most hugged blogger: Should be me. But nobody ever hugs a panzercow.

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